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lowering cholesterol - was: Re: Magnets by Montmorency ..... Iodine Debate Forum

Date:   9/13/2015 5:37:37 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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If you want to wean your husband off cholesterol-lowering drugs, you might try looking into high-dose vitamin C and niacin, aka vitamin B3 (as nicotinic acid - I think it's only this form that has the cholesterol-lowering effect. Also brings up HDL. See Abram Hoffer's "Niacin: The Real Story").

If you/he are concerned about cardiovascular disease in general, it's also worth looking at "The Pauling Therapy" on the Vitamin C Foundation website and forum.

It's basically high dose l-ascorbic acid plus l-lysine and l-proline. The addition of vitamin D3 and K2 (maybe K1 as well) helps to prevent and maybe reverse calcification of existing atherosclerotic plaques.

It's my personal belief that the Iodine Protocol and the Pauling Therapy are nicely complementary to each other, and indeed have some things in common. I have no idea if Iodine helps directly with cholesterol etc, but it wouldn't surprise me if it helped indirectly, since it is so widely used in the human body, as indeed is vitamin C.

Unlike statins, iodine, vitamin C and niacin are all natural substances which the body takes in normally from food. Unfortunately in the modern world, we aren't getting enough of any of them from food, plus our bodies are damaged from industrialized food and contaminants, and environmental poisons, and therefore we need more of these substances to try to repair the damage: hence supplementation.

As you probably know, cholesterol is also a natural substance that the body absolutely needs (and can make), and it gets high when our bodies are damaged in some way, because the body is desperately trying to repair itself.

Vitamin C, niacin, lysine and proline (the last two are amino acids - present in gelatin for example), help to actually repair the blood vessels, so there is then less need for the cholesterol, and it will go down. The use of artificial substances like statins to reduce cholesterol without doing anything to repair the damaged blood vessels is....I was going to use another word, but let's say "unscientific".

Good luck :-)

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