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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help by skyblid ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/9/2015 8:53:52 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Again I want to thankyou

Filariasis, It could be , there are so many i get lost, maybe this should be next test
the doctor started freaking out because I rambled off like the top 3-4 worm infections
and he picked out Strongyloids and started going on about them, I just froze and said can I just get the Ascaris Elisa Test and shutup and let him go on about it, Horse's an all that about Africa -South America . after he was all done he said he would do that test, on my way out I told him that I have been exposed to both African & South American,
I really hope this is Ascaris or Hooks or Whips or Pins or the Dog or Cat worms as this has been so hard just to get these doctors to test me properly, so if this is negative I will still be happy!
but i will go ask again for other tests! I will inquire about one of the multi tests or ask for specific one again next up is >> hooks
I think it might be easier to play the percentages
with the tests and ask for most popular and work down the list, if a multi-test is reasonable I might be able to get it done myself, but finding a lab that does this
there are some really nasty worms that infect northern european people"s badly because no imunities from South America & Africa I am praying its not one of them!@!
> Loa Loa Oncho Vulvi
>Oncho lupi
I am planning a skin patch test from dermatologist
for DEC as this is test for Oncho if your skin reacts to DEC you are considered positive for Oncho

and I just read article about one coming from south america in 2007 epidemic
> south texas
>Brain Worm Deadly

sorry got off track
Have not Tested PH
have too order online
no hair analysis gotta find where too get done
single IVM test have not done to test
but I did use that lotion 25% IVM & 75% lotion and it stop activity
I did take a single dose of IVM 12mg and everything was calm but I did'nt know about the single dose test so was'nt paying close attention
next day I took the 20mg & later the Rid X
I have'nt taken anything thing since except
epsom & Sea Salt flush (yesterday) w charcoal&spiralina
and vitimans multi/C/E/D/oils /Mag/Pot

I think maybe too much IVM as still having some Confusion/mem loss/Coordination/Lathargy/headaches
its extremely hard to focus and type this out
I felt much better in the morning, I think gonna stop everything but water for a few days, believe my liver is Taxed and struggling
I better sign out for a bit I am getting lost & sick, I finish up this reply in morning plz post any Liver Flushing technics that are simple & safe
the Sea Salt is safe rite? I like cause its fast
1tbls Sea Salt 1 quart water drink with 1 quart filtered water over 1/2 hr and will flush thru system withing couple hrs
or is taking more of Epsom Salt Safer for Liver I do have have cirrosis mild
'be back in morn Skyblid


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