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Re: Looking for insight on my symptoms by rusty14 ..... Symptoms Questions

Date:   9/6/2015 1:07:31 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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hello.. sounds a lot like some of the symptoms I have experienced which I think could be candida.

the first thing I would do is take a look at your diet. you mentioned that you tried eliminating certain foods but without much success. I would highly recommend cutting out all sugars, dairy, and wheat as a start. see if that makes a difference as it did make a huge one for me. restrictive diets seem like a challenge at first but after following them for a while you get used to eating that way and certain foods you used to like don't taste so good anymore.

next are you currently taking any supplements? if not there are some that I have found to be quite helpful for me when fighting systematic candida. Thorne sf722 (undeluonic acid), anti-fungals like oregano oil, GSE, pau d'arco, clove oil etc, a candida enyzeme (candex ,candizyme etc.) and a high quality, 30Billion + probiotic.

hopefully this helps a lot. I could write a lot more but feel like too much info gets overwhelming at first. making small but positive steps to regain your health is more beneficial then trying to do it all at once IMO. feel free to PM me if you wish.




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