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Re: Few questions about iodine detox and chelation by illys / elisah ..... Iodine Support & Discussion: Seaweed, Kelp, Lugols etc.

Date:   7/24/2015 3:22:24 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Thank you for an exhaustive and well-informed reply!
The article I posted is not my own, and it's really good to see firsthand information from an experienced person.

I'll try and reply where reading your post has stirred my curiosity. I'm learning from your reply. ;-)

== Cutler's detox method uses low doses of chelators, time off in between rounds of chelation and all three excretory pathways for those who can tolerate them.

This was one of my qualms with Cutler's protocol when first researching chelation from 2007-2010, sleep issues. The phobia of insomnia is a powerful motivator behind the scenes, and I was reading folk's experiences of needing to wake every 4 hours (I saw the alternative of 8 hours of course) to vitamin-C up again.

== Yes, this is a very important issue. Kicking up--mobilizing--heavy metals will increase oxidative stress, causing damage.

Mmmhm! And the reports of uncontrolled chelation (plus the experiences I had after first trying ALA, NaC and having no positive reactions to Sodium Ascorbate) further provoked my cautions.

However, sulfur-group nutrients right now are.. are wonderfully invigorating.

Cutler's book is excellent, it covers many aspects of the nutrients needed to compliment each vitamin.

>>>and recent clinical trials for chelation therapy for autism have been halted.

== I'd be grateful for a link to this information.

Me too, the devil's always in the details!
And the fact that bigPharma likes to nullify threats quickly..

== Cysteine and glutathione have only one SH/thiol group (mercury magnet). In contrast lipoic acid, DMSA and DMPS have two SH groups to better grasp Hg.

Cutler's book covers the subject of thiol groups and methyl groups, yes? May need to go back and read it afresh. Am trying to work out the business in my head about it, I remember foggily an article saying the body defaults to methionine groups when sulfur metabolisim is inhibited/impeded..

Is clear that sulfur metabolisim makes a huge difference- been upping B1 (thiamine) helped up metabolisim here. TriMethylGlycine's effect is much shorter however, - the methionine is used up faster?

Looking at the molecule makeup.
DMPS - 2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid
DMSA - Dimercaptosuccinic acid
EDTA - 2-({2-[Bis(carboxymethyl)amino]ethyl}(carboxymethyl)amino)acetic acid (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)

Can you say if DMSA has the same effect of lowering homocysteine levels as TMG?


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