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Seborrheic dermatitis has ruined my life. by tifer ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   7/2/2015 7:09:18 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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This is an absolute terrible disease.

It affects you in every part of your life. I've been depressed about it for a few years now.

I first got it my senior year in college about 6 years ago.

At first, as everyone else, I went to a dermatologist. Got the steroid creams and used it for a few days, a couple of times a month.

That would do the trick and I could eat whatever. (at that point I had no idea food had anything to do with it).

The first problem: I don't know what foods I can and cannot eat. I know for a FACT that dairy is a problem. It automatically causes flakiness and oily scalp.

The problem is, I don't know what else causes the problem. I feel EVERYTHING causes the problem. I tried eating just ground beef & rice, just chicken, kale, quinoa, etc.

I thought all fruits & vegetables were OK until I started realizing nightshades might be a problem too.

I took one of those V8 tomato drinks and chugged it and minutes later I noticed tingling on my scalp.

This absolutely sucks. I can't even go to a Walgreens next door and grab a sandwich because I can't eat anything in it.

The bread has gluten/wheat, dairy and a gigantic list of chemicals that might affect my scalp.

i can't get food at the movie theater because butter on the popcorn will completely destroy my scalp.

i cant go to a coffee shop to drink some coffee or tea because of the caffeine. which means i cant even drink a coke on occasion.

i cant eat eggs because i know those definitely aggravate my scalp condition.

i cant eat nuts. i noticed cashews definitely make my scalp tingle.

i cant even season anything because all the good seasonings are part of the nightshade family. tomato, peppers, etc.

pizza on sunday night? LOL, dairy, gluten, wheat, nightshades, etc.

i can't shower in hard water because it 100% absolutely ruins my scalp. and that's if i shower with just WATER.

if you add ANY shampoo whatsoever, it'll make the condition WORSE because hard water DOES NOT RINSE.

i cant go to a bar, happy hour with co-workers, clubbing, etc. because I can't even drink alcohol.

i cant even go to work because its stressful and it worsens my symptoms (i work as a programmer in an office environment).

i can't put steroid creams because that gives me long term health effects.

my forehead is all red on my hairline so it's embarrassing because people notice it. so is the side of my scalp. really red around both ears (on the scalp).

getting a girlfriend? LOL! how the hell am i gonna explain to her my problem? Its gross. why would anyone want to date someone with some disgusting disease?

how can ANYONE live a normal life with this condition?


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