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Sweetener Industry Killing Animals by nonviolentfood ..... Sugar Forum, Sugar Addiction

Date:   6/4/2015 12:44:46 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Sweetener Industry Killing Animals

Fruit Sugar, Fructose, Is Better Than Sucrose, Beet Or Cane Sugar, Aspartame

How do the cane sugar, beet sugar, artificial sweeteners like Aspartame harm animals?

1. Sugar comes from Sugar cane or beets. Sugar cane fields are often burned to make harvesting easier. Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects are burned alive. Animals are shredded when the beets or the corn are harvested by huge machines.

2. The charcoal of animal bones, also called bone char, bone black, ivory black, animal charcoal or abaiser, is used as a whitening agent for cane sugar. Jay Dinshah of the American Vegan Society was one of the first to point out that char was a carcinogen.

3. Aspartame (NutraSweet) was originally developed as an antkiller, designed to entice ants through its false sweetness to their deaths. The FDA was banning Aspartame which causes brain lesions when Ronald Reagan as a favor to Donald Rumsfeld circumvented the FDA. Rumsfeld was at the time CEO of Searle which was marketing Aspartame.

4. Sweeteners derived from tree fruit to not cause the death of plants. Any tree, vine, berry bush or plant which drops sweet fruit as a gift can be a source of fruictose or fruit sugar. Date sugar is very common. Dates and grapes are 2 of countless fruit sugar sources. Many fruits are 40 to 66 percent fructose.

5. Fructose is sweeter than cane sugar.

6. There are at least three kinds of fruit sugars. They are monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. Unlike sucrose from plants which burns in the body in the way a match flame ignites and dies, fruit saccharides given an even energy flow to the body over several hours. First the monosacchardies, then the disaccharides, and finally the polysaccharides are processed.

7. Fructose or fruit sugar bypasses the pancreas. Marion Burros, food editor of the New York Times, reported that fructose does not require the secretion of insulin. The trioxypurines of mammal, bird and fish flesh, as well as plant sugars, , are all factors in pancreatic cancer. A diet of too much sugar is also a cause of diabetes.

8. Who is leading the attack on fructose? The animal killing cane sugar and beet sugar industries as well as aspartame marketers.

9. Fruit sugars are better for the environment. They are not derived from linear rows of crops but spherical trees with many times the volume of green leaves.

10. The US government has for decades subsidiized sugar.

11. Linus Pauling, only winner of Nobel prizes in both biochemistry and peace, wrote that an orthomolecule (or ideal molecule) was a fruitarian molecule. He also wrote that neurotransmitters in the human brain are similar to the molecules in fruit.

12. Avoiding all processed and concentrated sweeteners is best.
But if you don't wish completely to eliminate sweets, please know who are funding the
'scientific' propaganda and that sweets derived from fruits are better than sweets derived from killing plants.

13. There is slave labor and worker abuse in the sugar industry. (Thank you to Sarah Perrote for referring to it.),_Queensland,_1959.jpg

-saiom shriver-

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