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Re: Do we need pre-biotics? by slowsmile ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/21/2015 8:33:13 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Although probiotics can help against problems like candida, I have never yet read where anyone taking just prebiotics or probiotics has ever cured themselves of this disease. 

Trouble is that most people believe all the hype about lactobacillus and bifido. In the most current research on gut microbiota, researchers now estimate that there are between 10,000 and 35,000 strains of important and supportive bacteria in our gut microbiota. And everyone still believes all the hype that supplementing only two of these microbiota strains -- lacto and bifido -- will cure them of all their gut problems ? I really don't think so.

More evidence for you. Why is it that a fecal transplant WILL cure diseases like C difficile in the gut?....Because the fecal transplant doesn't just contain two strains of friendly bacteria -- bifido and lacto -- but instead it contains thousands of beneficial bacterial species and strains all acting synergystically and strongly pro your immune system and your health.

The other problem with prebitics and probiotics is the delivery mechanism. Whether you take the liquid or pill forms -- your dose of friendly bacteria will have to travel through the stomach, which is highly acidic at mealtimes and is designed to kill ALL bacteria, including bifido and lacto bacteria.

That's why whenever I take my liquid probiotic -- I take it outside mealtimes with a half glass of water and I also add 1/4 tspn sodium bicarbonate to it to ensure the neutralization of the stomach acid. And I take the probiotic nowhere near mealtimes. And it works well.   

My other recommendation is to always supplement bovine colostrum powder whenever you take probiotics or prebiotics. Contains antibodies, natural lactulose and natural lactoferrin and many other highly beneficial nutrients for the body. It's the First Food of Life. When a calf is born, it has no immune system, no microbiota and no digestive system. And if the calf does not feed on the mother cow's colostrum within 24 hours then it will die. Ask a vet or a dairy farmer -- they know this as fact.  


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