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Re: Help for Candida Issues by slowsmile ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/14/2015 7:14:52 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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If you take turpentine with sugar then most of it will be absorbed into the blood -- so not much turpentine left to cure the candida throughout your intestines -- which is 30 ft long and has the absorbtive surface area of a tennis court. 

So I paired the turpentine with castor oil and it has worked pretty well. This combination is particularly useful to help kill candida throughout the whole length of the intestines and it has worked well because you have a laxative(CO) paired with turpentine that kills candida as well as killing a huge broad spectrum of other pathogens and parasites. Put simply the laxative CO helps to quickly spread the turps evenly throughout the whole intestines for a more deadlier and widespread effect. At the same time, the CO laxative effect directly and quickly expels candida, candida poisons, heavy metals, parasites, biofilms etc from the intestines beacuse of its natural laxative effect. 

I've also been involved with an autism parents group who are trying to cure their kids autism which is generally caused by parasite poisons and candida poisons acting directly on a child's developing brain. Get rid of the candida and parasites and get rid of the poisons and the child returns to normal behaviour. I was contacted because alot of people in the group, who were using Kerri Rivera's CD protocol protocol for autism, had hit a brick wall with little progress. Then I advised using the turps + CO for the autistic kids. That was two years ago and now everyone in the group(over 50 parents with autistic kids aged from 2 y o upwards) swears by this turpentine/CO protocol as being a huge aid and benefit against candida, parasites and autism. 

Turpentine is not soluble in water but mixes with castor oil without any problems.


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