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Vulcanel get this bro. by panoslydios ..... Fight Club

Date:   4/17/2015 11:20:22 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Health is simplistic so no ego can feed from this. ;)

Get this asap.Bad carma comes and will continue to come to you because what you sow you reap.But you can change so you never know.

When you advocate Iodine all these years you create bad karma. Iodine is acid .Can you get this?Put it on your hand and watch as it eats away your cells.Fact.

Now to the main part. Human body is being made up of cells. Every cell needs both feeding and excreting its wastes.This is why we have 2 main fluids:
The blood feeds the cells. The lymph carries away the cell wastes.

Every disease is being caused by lymph congestion so as there is no such a thing as diseases but only lymphatic stagnation.
Lymphatic stagnation is being caused by acid forming diet and lifestyle.
Lymph is lipid based and this is what neutralizes the acids.Can you see the connection?Why do we have stagnant lymph on a high protein diets and acid forming lifestyles?

When a person has a disease,aka lymph problem
you advocate to take Iodine aka another acid.So you advocate an acid on top of another acid.Chemotherapy is an acid on top of another acid(that is being trapped and neutrilized in lymph cells so as when the right time comes and the body has its true balance and chemistry back,it would dissolve it)

Lymph protects from acidic diet and lifestyle by leeching the calcium out of your bones and this is what makes the body to keep on going.
And you advocate something that has a ph of (enter quite acidic ph)?Go figure.

Iridology confirms iodine sediments in the body.
Still you advocate iodine?

Health is simplistic so no ego can feed from this. ;)

I shall end as i begin.


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