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Re: Confused:( Die-off symptoms or not?? NEED HELP! by slowsmile ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/9/2015 7:40:53 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi Muravey....Are you using the whole protocol or are you using just bits of the protocol? Are you using the correct dosages or are you using multivitamins for convenience (which, in my experience, are at too low dosages and, therefore, useless) ?  Every single nutrient in my protocol has a purpose and correct orthomolecular dosages are critical. 

You should also consider that, like viruses, candida can easily hide in the body. Some examples where candida can hide are: biofilms, nose, nasopharynx cavity(behind the nose and above the throat), sinuses, ears, lower intestines. Disinfect the nasopharynx cavity, nose and ears with a dropper using drops of iodine + water or just with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution.  The lower intestines and biofilms can be disinfected and cleared with enema or by using the turpentine/castor oil laxative remedy in my protocol. 

Also, you may not have sufficiently completely cleared the fungal or hyphal candida form from the blood, tissues and organs. If you don't clear the fungal form from these regions  then it will just keep coming back to infect the intestines region. Best way to do this is to take the Gymnema sylvestre tea 4 times a day. This tea inhibits the reproduction and spread of the fungal form of candida. The yeast candida form is much easier to cure. Adding colostrum powder, two teaspoons taken two times a day outside meals, to your protocol would also act to hugely boost your immune system to fight all pathogens in your body, repair the intestines and help to cure any food allergy problems.. Buy Sovereign Labs brand which has the best colostrum powder on the market. 

If you also have digestion or low stomach acid probems I would strongly advise you to also take the low stomach acid/GERD protocol listed here. Taking the betaine HCL and protease enzymes will ensure correct acid strength for digestion. If you have proper high levels of stomach acid then all the pathogens and parasites incoming with your food will be killed. So if you have low stomach acid levels -- then its a free ticket for any and every pathogen or parasite in your food to infect your intestines and, eventually, your  body. Low stomach acid levels can also cause anemic conditions and can also indicate a hypothyroid condition. That's why correct stomach acid levels are so important. 




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