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Date:   1/17/2015 8:46:16 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Although your response doesn't address the issues of the original poster, I will state, unequivocably, that it only seems that "rights" are in women's favor.  The reason that it seems that this is true is that legistlation was written in an attempt to "protect" the previous "norm" of women in the U.S. as homemakers, or stay-at-home-moms......whatever you want to call it.........via "No Fault" divorce.  This was the first step to equalize "rights" between men and women.

"No Fault" meant that, if a man ran off with his secretary and left his wife and four children, he couldn't kick his wife and children out of "his" house and be legally entitled to keep all of the property and income because HE "earned" it.  This new legislation took into account that a homemaker and stay-at-home-mom had value and worth, and that she or he (in more contemporary cases) would not be literally left on the streets, along with the children.  "No Fault" means that either spouse can decide that they no longer want to be married to their partner for any reason under the sun, and they aren't legally obligated to "prove" that a divorce is warrented.  This is a "good" thing, and it is a very "bad" thing.  It's "good" because it divides the marital assets and debts, equally, and distributes the assets, equally - in theory.  It's "bad" because there are no punitive consequences for bad behavior.  In my case, my spouse of 12 1/2 years depleted my individual (PRIVATE) investment accounts down to nothing via coercion (my responsibility) and outright forgeries (HIS responsibility and 100% illegal).  He experienced NO punitive damages, walked away from a mountain of legal and financial obligations, and left me with about $38 in change left in the change jar, sick, homeless, and destitute. 

There is a gulf of angst between all peoples on the planet, now, from gender orientation to financial income class exclusions, we are a "global community" that is so far out of balance that it's become dangerous, on every level.  There is no balance or harmony, and nobody seems to have a clear sense of who they are.  There are some who definitely have sorted out their sense of purpose, but they are becoming few and far between. 

Now, with regard to the original poster's dilemma, if you read the entire original post, there is clearly a control issue present, and possibly domestic abuse of some sort.  Not uncommon and most often tolerated by the victim and ignored by general society - until blows are struck.  So, each individual situation is just that:  an individual situation.  It's not "all men" or "all women" at issue in this thread.  It's one woman who is going to make the mistake of her lifetime if she remains with the goon that she described, even if only 1/2 of what she described was 100% objective and accurate. 

So..........please..........relax about the perceived gender bias.  It only seems to be in favor of women, but I assure you that it most certainly isn't.  You only need to sit in on a few hearings in Family Court to realize that this is not true.  Volunteer for the local Victim's Services agency and get a practical working understanding of what is really happening, these days, and it might give pause for thought as to how we (our society and culture) got to this dreadful pass.


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