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Re: My insane candida protocol by Snowflakes ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/10/2015 3:33:22 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Thanks so much Jorge!

Sadly I've been battling this for some time now and have been doing the nystatin enemas daily and I have not cured. That's why I brought in the other components, I was tired of doing bits and pieces and not getting full results. I'm going full boar so I don't waste anymore time or money.

Can you link to research about borax?

I do not have any ancestors that were vegan or vegetarian and have not evolved to eat such a diet and therefore will continue to eat as I do, which makes me feel the best. Thanks though. I also do nut suffer oral thrush.

My story:

In spring of last year my normally beautiful skin blew up with a nasty case of perioral dermatitis. After many months of searching I came upon an article that linked it to candida. I realized (too late, oh so late) that that thick ribbons of white mucus I had been passing in my stool were in fact candida and not due to food intolerance. I had other horrible rashes, environmental sensitivities, dark thoughts, foggy ness, the worst BO you have ever encountered.

I tried Jeff Mccombs protocol,it helped slightly. Then lufenuron, which took away all the skin symptoms. Then nystatin and dyflucan (6 months) crazy amounts of probiotics, garlic olive leaf, Black-Walnut , caprylic acid, and 3 giant bottles of sovergn silver collidial silver. They all gave me die off but never eradicated it. I started w Jeff mccombs diet but as time progresses I find I'm amble to eat fewer and fewer foods without flaring.

That good news is that all my skin issues are gone, and the only candida symptoms I have left are the Snow White mucus found in my nose and stool, and the crazy stomach rumblings, gas, Bo (and then a subsequent increase in mucus) if I eat carbs. And by carbs I mean even things like cauliflower. It's ridiculous.

I can't wait to be healed. I know with all of my soul it is happening. I will be free. This is perhaps the biggest lesson in this struggle, that we do hold the power to heal ourselves.

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