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Placebo by charkee ..... Energy Medicine: Energy Healing Modalities

Date:   11/16/2014 3:10:11 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Placebo or no placebo, that is the question.

I assert that there is no such thing as “placebo effect”. This mysterious placebo effect is the unexplained healing or remission of illness while the patient is taking an ineffective replacement for the medication being studied. It is wrongly attributed to the patient's positive belief is the cause for him to regain his health.

To isolate the placebo effect, medical studies take great precautions so that none of the participants have the knowledge of who is getting the medication or the placebo. Not even those administering the medications should know who is receiving the placebo in the vain hope that even their knowledge could skewer the test findings.

Approximately 30% of patients improve with the placebo in spite of all of the precautions. This perplexing issue has plagued medical Science for well over a century, yet a few outside of the medical establishment do understand why this is so. Those inside the medical professions that may question the true nature of the placebo wisely remain silent.

It seems that nobody has questioned the axiomatic assumption that some positive belief is the cause of spontaneous remission, or improvement of illness.

In the vast list of existing known chronic illness there is yet not one single cure to be found, there are medications that ease the discomforts, but without them the symptoms return.

Medical Science greatly underestimates the power of the human mind. It believes that the participant\s attitudes or states of mind cannot affect the outcomes. For example, should the technician that is feeding test animals be going through a nasty divorce or his child just died, Science wrongly concludes that there will be no effect upon the animals.

The Chinese believe western medical studies to be barbaric. To give patients ineffective Sugar pills is viewed as heinous within their cultural context. They instead test new medications comparing them to known effective remedies to ascertain any improvement over known effective therapeutics.

Aside from flawed studies and outright fraud, there are so many studies that contradict one another that if one desires to understand truth and what is really occurring would eventually be driven mad.

A second problem is that of method, the method of proposing a hypothesis and then setting out to prove it. The assumption that the intent of the student to prove a certain hypothesis has no effect upon the study may also be incorrect.

Medical science is loath to admit the power of the mind, the power of the emotions. Should they admit it, would upset the power structures based upon monetary profit. Some leaders do know this, however profit is their motivation and they will slander, fire, defrock or even imprison those that dare to peer out of the box of the delusional axiomatic assumption that both mental and physical illness is caused by some physical stimulus or lack.

So what is the cause? It is the emotions. It is the D9 Caterpillar that just crashed into your living room that few seem to dare to notice.

Any unresolved negative emotion will affect our health. Like heavy metals, emotions accumulate within our subconscious mind. When there is enough accumulation of these less than desirous emotions we become either physically or mentally ill.

The explanation of why patients get better while using ineffective substitutes for medications is that while doing the study they self-resolve the emotional issues resulting in relief.

Historically this concept is nothing new. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acknowledges the role of emotions in health, though it has not fully developed an understanding of the full power of the human mind.

There are indications that this has been understood for thousands of years, the ancient scriptures of both the East and West point in this direction. Even within some primitive societies this is a known principle. The shaman of the Navajo people correctly believe that the spirit must first be healed before the body can do so.

However their methods of clearing unresolved emotions are equally primitive with few reliable and effective means for permanent release and change from our discomforts. And I dare say the same for conventional psychotherapy.

Luckily with the discoveries outside of conventional (unfortunately, “alternative medicine” is just as flawed) medicine and psychiatry a new form of help is emerging. This is called energy medicine. It is called energy medicine because the emotions have an energy and by releasing this energy the mind and body heal.

There are as many forms or modalities of energy medicine. I divide them into three classes, the movement or tapping modalities such as Energy Freedom Techniques (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR), Tapas Acupuncture Techniques (TAT) are a few. These are highly effective for many issues.

The second class of energy modalities are the meditative modalities and hypnosis. Some of these range from the harmful Transcendental Meditation (TM), weak (hypnosis) to moderately effective and the effects will vary between individuals. TM will harm some people and seems to help others.

The third class of energy medicine I call the subconscious directive modalities such as Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Zpoint or Inner Influencing (I.I.) developed by Paul Gleblick. These are by far the most effective. Inner Influencing being the highest form of them all. I.I. Is so powerful and changes happen so quickly that it frightens some people. However I.I. Is totally safe and free from the uncomfortable or even dangerous healing crisis that may occasionally occur with other energy modalities.

Unlike the above mentioned modalities Inner Influencing cuts through dissociation. This is the holy grail of energy medicine. Before, once dissociation was encountered all the therapists could do was throw up their hands in surrender or stalemate.

In conclusion medical professionals need to stand up to the tyranny of the medical industrial complex and address the fraud and flaws. Physical medicine (with the exception of emergencies, Antibiotics and safer vaccines) will sooner or later be thrown onto the garbage heap and replaced with energy medicine. It will seen that most medical studies have been a huge waste of time, money and sadly a waste of the lives of innocent loving animals.

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