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Re: Candida wrong target? by slowsmile ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/9/2014 7:41:52 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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shroom...Yes, I absolutely concur. It is certainly a pleasure discussing the best way to defeat candida with such a knowledgeable man as yourself. I guess that's how we all learn.

Here are some things that I have learned from the research over the years.

First  and foremost, candida is a dimorprpic organism. It has two completely different living phenotypic states. It can live as a saprophytic feeder as a yeast(inhabiting locally in the skin, uterus, intestines) and it can also exist as a fungus or as a true parasite that inhabits the blood, tissues and organs. So you should regard the systemic or disseminated form as a candida infection that embodies both these two differing phenotypic forms of the same organism. 

So if you just take stuff to clear the candida out of the intestines only -- you will fail. Because the fungal form in the blood, via spores,  will simply be excreted by the liver into the intestines to continualluy re-infect this region. Hence the candida never goes away or it always returns. Alot of candida sufferers make this strategy mistake.

Second point. It is extremely hard to completely remove candida(both the yeast and fungal forms) from the intestines.  For all the reasons -- please see this document;

Why Turpentine and Castor Oil are so Useful Against Candida

The above document rationally concludes and proposes that no oral nutrient or enema is capable of acting sufficiently throughout the whole area or length of the intestines. Therefore there is a middle region in the intestines that is simply unreachable and untouchable by both oral nutrients or enema. This is also yet  another reason why the candida never goes away or always comes back. This is also another very good reason to use the turpentine/castor oil protocol which will act quickly, due to its laxative effect,  against candida and parasites throughout the whole intestines

I have also found that just using chitinase against candida has two problems. First, it only really acts in the intestines (it does not act on the fungal form in the blood). I also fail to see chitinase working adequately because it only dissolves chitin or hemicellulose. But what if the candida is entrenched within biofilms? Biofilms are made of fibrin(not chitin) which is a protein. So for the chitinase to be able to act properly on the candida cell wall -- first your must destroy the outer protein biofilm cage in order to actually reach the hiding candida. In other words I think that taking chitinase with protease ezymes(serrrapeptase, lumbrokinase, nattokinase or even bromelain, papain) would be much more effective than just chitinase alone.  There are some good products -- such as Theramedix CDX 84 -- that take the above into account and contain very high amounts of both hemicellulose enzymes and protease enzymes -- these products are therefore very useful because they act to both remove biofilms and kill the candida in the intestines at the same time. But, nevertheless, if you use this enzyme approach, then how are you going to get rid of the fungal form in the blood, tissues and organs?

That's really why you have to use a focused multi-protocol approach to get rid of candida that acts both in the intestines and in the blood as well to get rid of both the yeast and fungal forms of candida.       


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