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Re: Can Iodine/Tyrosine can trigger Hashimoto’s? by Grace2Marayger ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/23/2014 7:14:17 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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<… basic things like do you have metal in your mouth? are you oxygenated? hydrated? how’s your gut flora and fauna? have you done any flushing or fasting?>

I do not have any metal in my mouth (Had lots of filling removed over the years- so mercury could very well be in my system). Never done chelation or heavy metal detox – somewhat cautious of detoxing as to what affect toxins have on the way out. I have done SA Wilson Coffee and other enemas and have wanted a Coloma board. I do some hydrogen peroxide baths, Epsom salt, magnesium flake baths (filtered bath water).
I have had 6 root canals all uppers and have lost two of those teeth. Considering more exams to confirm and continue to sell myself on evaluating cavitation’s and ‘count the cost’ of pulling four upper teeth. Watch all of these especially root canals 101 New-patient video series at Dr. Blanche D. Grub web site. BTW I went to 5 other dentist that said they were ‘holistic’. They were not. Dr. Grube was the 6th dentist I check out and she is the only one I would consider going back too.

I picked up a Stool Test Kit from one of my doctors today for what I hope is the more sensitive (old Metametrix test) Now Genova Diagnostics stool test labeled K-MM-GI EFFECTS-2200 to recheck my gut health. I did have a stool testing done from Lab Corp 6 months ago and it showed positive but very low h.pylori, IgA Abs 9.7 flagged high falling in a category of ‘Equivocal range of 9.0-11.0, No Salmonella/Shigella, No Campylobacter species isolated, Negative for E coli Shiga Toxin EIA, Negative for C difficile Toxins A+B, EIA , Negative for Occult Blood, Fecal, IA, Negative Ova + parasite Exam -No ova, cysts, or parasites seen (test does not include testing of Cryptosporidium, parvum, Cyclospora, or Microsporidia.
I have tested negative two more times for h pylori but wanted the breath test done because I was told it was only really definitive test for h pylori.
Have not done any flushes lately or fasting in many, many years. I was diagnosed with Dysbiosis in 2011 and am not sure what is meant by flora and fauna (friendly gut bacteria?). I’ve taken probiotics before and lately a soil based on called Protect Assist and a Fulvic Acid Product. I do not know how oxygenated I am ---at the doctors’ offices whenever they check my oxygen it runs 98 or 99 and I occasionally use ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate.

I do not use toxic personal or cleaning products. No laundry soap (small amount of Borax bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs), NO Shampoo, Zum gentle Goat soap for body, etc. I question everything in my environment things like the SAR rating of my phone. Light bulbs, removed all most all my wireless electronics.
Have an ‘Austin Air’ Air Purifier, wear mostly natural fabric clothing, wool cotton, socks, no longer wear nail or toenail polishes, no longer bleach/color my hair,
I drink Reverse Osmosis water Tap Master Home Artesian Full Contact
I do not think that empty distilled water is good for long term use.
I sleep in a hospital bed and have it elevated 6 inches and eat mostly paleo gluten, nightshade and caffeine free, low histamine, FODMAPS and acid.
I do not exercise or sleep enough and I spend too much time on the computer. I do not get enough sunlight or grounding.

Iodine but you need a whole lot of other things even worse. You need to salt up. You’re dehydrated. NOTHING works right when you’re dehydrated. Histamines rage when you’re dehydrated. Body temperature is lowered when you’re dehydrated. Metabolism is slowed when you’re dehydrated. Circulation and therefor oxygen is cut off to non-essential organs and tissues like the brain and skin and striated muscle when you’re dehydrated.>

I crave and use Bamboo, Himalayan, Celtic and Real Salt. I thought/think I am dehydrated but Chrio said I did not test dehydrated. My body temperature runs low with hypothyroidism.

I do not cough but do sneeze some have one rash that itches some not aches and pains only the abdominal discomfort that feels like cramping, constriction—not stiffness, swelling or excessive mucus and I do not drink tea or soda or any alcoholic drinks or tinctures. I believe my Histamine Intolerance (Have Gene defect for DAO enzyme) is what is causing my silent acid reflux—I do not have sinus congestion just a little drainage. I do juice green veggies regularly and only a little carrot and beet to keep sugars down and may mornings I have a protein shake with a banana and a few berries, tiny amount of local raw honey comb, olive oil, flaxseed, sometimes some chia seed soaked overnight, sometimes add Lekithos organic sunflower lecithin, Black Strap Molasses, a small amount manuka honey, sometimes almond milk homemade from organic raw almonds, was doing coconut milk, Inner Eco and CocoYo knifer/ yogurt but have cut those fermented and coconut products out because of the histamine/FODMAP acid issues. I was eating too much fruit and citrus oranges and Paloma grapefruits but cut them out over 6 months ago.

I hope I am started already …I do totally want to stay out of those factories!!!

you are misinterpreting your situation and being misinformed. you must fix those things.

I am adding food Iodine kelp and seaweeds but am not going to supplement Iodine without find the right professional to monitor that with me.

I have been working to clean up my environment and food for the last 5 years and am still seeking and praying for wisdom. I know I need to fix the things I know for sure sleep and exercise and less time on the computer. I know my body is asking for help that must also include better stress management. I have the tools spiritually to do better--- it is the process of retention, recall and application of my faith.

Thank you for your comments, confirmations and encouragement… I pray and hope for wellness for you too!


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