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***itching for advice*** by #127357 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/23/2014 5:24:06 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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ITCHING FOR ADVICE :) itchy face and arms. and tiny stinging bites on arms.
I'll be typing away working on college papers and suddenly this sting on my upper arms stops me in my tracks. then it itches.
no pets, clean house and tile floors but I live in the tropics -hawaii and there are roaming neighborhood cats. anytime treatment ideas? so grateful for your response.
it's been since after we moved into this house - never had this before.
had first outbreak in my life of dog mites we both picked up from neighbor in apt next to us when we moved in over a year ago. it was HELL and cost a lot to cure... did radical treatment for months. then we seemed 'clear'.
began itching again last few months but no big welts like before.
this is annoying 24/7 but not hell like dog mites.

again. clean tile floors. got an airbed when this happened to eliminate mite vectors.

so again- nagging symptoms are face itches, scalp itches, feel the possibility of something microscopic moving in nostrils and around eye lashes. hair has been thinning as have lashes and eyebrows. I have been low thyroid since pregnancy @20 years so I don't think it's that as eyebrows and eyelashes and scalp (no dandruff) actually itch so don't think it's hair loss from low thyroid.

I'm at a loss and so itchy it's hard to think straight for long!

thanks ahead of time!

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