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Rename the 'AF' support forum to Starvation Fatigue by natway ..... Webmaster Debate & Suggestions

Date:   10/20/2014 1:45:26 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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In light of the overwhelming evidence that there is no such thing as "Adrenal Fatigue", but that it's really a mistaken case of symptoms caused by calorie-restriction/starvation, I request that the "Adrenal Fatigue" support forum be renamed to more accurately "Starvation Fatigue" because that's what it really is, fatigue caused by starvation, not "exhausted adrenals".

Since the fad diagnosis of "AF" has become very popular over the last decade and lots of people believe the alleged condition (I used to), I suggest a couple ways of renaming the "Adrenal Fatigue" support forum so as to minimize confusion.

Rename the current forum to this:

- Starvation Fatigue (formerly Adrenal Fatigue)

Or, if it's technically possible, re-name the current "AF" forum to Starvation Fatigue and create a separate link that says "Adrenal Fatigue" which clicking that link will forward people to the original forum that's been more appropriately re-named.

At the very least, rename it to:

- Adrenal Fatigue (i.e. Starvation)

At least that way people will start getting a sense of what is really causing their problems.

I also suggest at the top of the newly and appropriately renamed Starvation Fatigue support forum that there be a brief explanation for the name change in that "Adrenal Fatigue" doesn't exist and that it's been a mistaken case of starvation and that's what is really causing people's fatigue and all the other symptoms mistakenly blamed on so-called "AF".

That's if this website really wants people to be cured.


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