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Can Iodine/Tyrosine can trigger Hashimoto’s? by Grace2Marayger ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/14/2014 7:58:21 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Considering taking Thyroid Support-Quantum a Premier Concerned about any supplemental Iodine because of Dr. Datis Kharrazian belief that Iodine and tyrosine can trigger Hashimoto’s.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in 2003 and was tested years ago not to have antibodies for Hashimoto's but I really need to be rechecked. My conventional endo at the time still thought Hashimoto's was the cause of my hypothyroidism. I was tested with both urine and blood to be low in Iodine but most all the conventional and alternative doctors I see have been leery to prescribe Iodine. I have been on Armour, Synthroid with Armour was out of stock and Nature-Throid and for the last year WP Thyroid. Concerned about the fillers in the lot of them.

I am thought to be insulin resistant, have tested high C-RP (and also Homocysteine) for the the last 10 years so am concerned with having high inflammation. I have 4 root canaled teeth (all uppers lost two of the 6 total within the last few years plus have one bottom tooth that is thought to be dead by the fifth and best an alternative dentist, Blanche D. Grube, I counseled with. She thinks I need to pull the lot of them. Tough decision to try and make. Especially when I feel so bad. I have multiple food sensitivities , Gluten, Nightshades, Caffeine, Histamine, FODMAPS and am now suffering intermittent abdominal pain with Silent Acid Reflux and very painful throat burn. I've been to Integrative medicine doctors, a Homeopathic MD, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, an integrative neurologist, conventional/allopathic doctors, a metabolic nutritionist who also did 23andMe gene testing and consulting, recently a DO and 'no surprise' tomorrow I am to see a Integrative Psychiatrist.

How did I get here years of sugar, weight, immobility, Cancer in 2009, blood clot following with a passel of life stressors.

Had an ulcer in 2010/11 That I healed with a supplement protocol but it took one year to diagnose and six months to heal. I was in good shape until Dec 2013 when I started having gawing abdominal pain that I thought was an ulcer again only same protocols minus the 3 rounds of Prilosec OTC have not worked.

Only bright spot is my faith in God continues and has grown and I know He loves me and has a plan for all my suffering.

I am sorry I got off track from the IODINE/thyroid issue....
to me physically it's a whole package of a Hot mess.

A new DO I am seeing now has suggested a Premier Research Product for Thyroid Support. It has 138 mcg of Iodine (does not say the form) and I normally do not take proprietary formulas but want to try it because of his recommendation.

Thyroid Support-Quantum

Each Capsule Contains:

Iodine....................................................138 mcg
Proprietary Blend....................................................420 mg
Kelp (whole) (Ascophyllum nodosum), Bear Garlic (leaf) (Allium ursinum),Chinese Motherwort (herb) (Leonurus japonicus),Organic Bladderwrack (frond) (Fucus vesisculosis),Chlorella (whole; broken cell wall) (Chlorella vulgaris),Organic Parsley (leaf) (Petroselinum crispum),Fennel (seed) (Foeniculum vulgare),Black Walnut (shell) (Juglans nigra), Oregano (leaf),Celery (leaf) (Apium graveolens
Sea Algae Blend ..............80 mg
Irish Moss (whole) (Chondrus crispus), Asperococcus spp. (whole), Puntaria spp.(whole), Chordaria spp. (whole)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule

Dr. Datis Kharrazian believes that iodine and tyrosine can trigger Hashimoto’s in those with hypothyroidism. He is supposed to be a top functional integrative professional in the field of Hypothyroid. the author of ...
Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? when My Lab Tests Are Normal: a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Hashimoto's Disease and Hypothyroidism
Paperback – February 2, 2010 by Dr. Datis Kharrazian (Author)

If you all have any thoughts on this please let me know.


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