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9 month update by celtori ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/5/2014 10:35:28 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I haven't posted in a few months so thought I'd share an update. I've been taking Iodine for about 9-10 months now. I am also taking :

600mcg selenium
2ATP cofactors
500mg glutathione
15,000IU Vit D
500mg L-tyrosine
10mg methylated B12
8,000mg Vit C (taken separately from Iodine throughout the day)
800mg magnesium (taken before bed)

I also started taking nutrimeds desiccated Porcine thyroid supplement and also their adrenal cortex supplement. I just recently added in a second desiccated thyroid pill. (Before I was taking just one a day of each). My last lab tests revealed my iron was low so I've also started taking 250mg iron and also am taking LactoFerrin.

Another benefit I've experienced that just happened in the last 4 months is I've magically lost about 15lbs. I did not change my diet or exercise regimen whatsoever, the weight just started melting off. My muscle tone seems better too and I'm almost on my way to six pack...seriously! I'm assuming this is from the iodine?? No idea but I'm loving it. Also still no more breast tenderness, painful periods or anything of the sort. I sleep better, more energy etc. My goiter is STILL here and huge. The size still fluctuates but lately it's been larger than ever. I stayed at about 300mg for a while. I decreased to 50mg daily to see how I felt, I honestly feel like I need at least 100mg to feel good, 50mg did not seem like enough. For now I'm back at 200mg daily. My question is..where do I go from here? Is there some other approach I can take to shrinking my goiter? I don't know if I should stop or increase Iodine or reduce.... I got an appointment with Dr Flechas but his first available appointment was not til the end of January, so for now I'm waiting to see him, but wondered if anyone had any input?

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