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Re: Testing MMS and Citric Acid for potency by mysogood1031 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   9/6/2014 9:28:10 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi! First of all, thank you for the amount of time and energy you patiently put into helping complete strangers. You may have saved mite than a few lives.
Just so I don't have to go into my own back story in detail, here is a link to my blog that I've been keeping this year. Oh, I can't post it, but it's on curezone and the name is The Happy Lab Rat - HIV medicine free. I haven't been back to the doctor since January so I don't know what my viral load is currently.
I've been taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement enemas almost daily for months, and the results are so great that even a day or two off has quite a backlash. The Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is either keeping the virus under control, warding off opportunistic infections that my immune system would struggle to fight, or both. The problem is that I have a very full life, and lately I have been skipping the enemas out of sheer exhaustion. I had been wondering about UN-activated sodium chlorite but until the other day hadn't found much information. Up until now, my Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ingestion (mostly through enemas) has been twenty drops activated. I've done orally as well, also with great, although different, results. The rest of my lifestyle is very healthy and drug free, almost no drinking either - my body is almost like an older person in a lot of ways, more frail and takes longer to recover. I'm almost 38, and I look and seen radiantly healthy, but there is a lot going on under the surface.
I don't know what your take on HIV or experience with it is, but one off my own theories is that it lives in the intestines in the mucous that builds there. I think it also hides in other places in the body, but clearing out the mucous seen to have the greatest impact on my health on a daily basis.Ok, without getting into more detail, these are my questions for you. I realize that some will just be an opinion or educated guess - this journey with HIV doesn't consist of many hard-proven facts, so I'm used to playing with theories.
What is your take on the effect of sodium chlorite (SC) versus chlorine dioxide (CD)? It makes sense to me that I would want it to activate in my gut. I can handle about eight drops of CD orally, past that and its diarrhea.
Can you break down the ratio from 28% solution? I weigh around 130 lbs and the kit I use is from Keaveys Corner, if you are familiar with the size of their droppers. I know I should just be thankful that I have found a way to keep my health strong, and I am, but the thought of HAVING to do an enema every day is exhausting and unrealistic. Which brings me to my next question: Would an enema be as mineral-depleting as consuming SC Orr CD orally? Is this an easy fix? I take spirulina often and other supplements with magnesium and iodine. The converse of course, is the question of the long term effects of the HIV medicines. Everything is a gamble in some way, it seems. I have a number of blog entries, so if you are only going to read one or two, the first ones are the most informative, although I hadn't started MMS yet. I don't mean to be presumptuous, it just seems that you know a lot about this topic, and you must care about people or you would not have invested so much time. I'm curious about the ALS studies as well - what were your findings? Sometimes I wish that I could participate in an HIV study with MMS. Ha, I guess I already am. I just wish there were other subjects, and a more knowledgeable person than myself conducting it. If you prefer to email me, my address is whatsallthehoopla at g mail
Thank you so much for your time. Apologies for errors, this is typed on my phone. Have a beautiful day.

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