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Question for Telman! by China49 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   9/2/2014 1:37:23 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi, I am a dedicated Liver flusher, been flushing for probably three years. Took me 18 months to clear stones and get free running bile. I then thought that I would do a couple a year for maintenance.
However, my gall bladder was removed 5 yrs ago, and I seem to need to flush my liver once a month to clear congested bile that's rather like setting ready mix concrete from my liver.
I take milk thistle and Turmeric daily to try and stimulate bile flow, but still need to flush regularly to stop my liver getting congested.
I have become very sensitive to my livers health over the years, and can actually feel when its congested. I get the odd green stone out but nothing like the 100s I got in the early days.
I have come to believe its because my gall bladder has been removed. Whilst the gall bladder stores bile for that fatty meal, I also suspect that as the muscle contracts and squirts it into the digestive system, in much the same way , when the gall bladder relaxes I suspect it sucks the bile out of the liver, helping the flow of bile though the liver.A bit like a rubber primer ball in a fuel line.
If this is the case, I believe I am stuck doing a Liver Flush every month for life.
Is this utter nonsense or is there some logic in my statement?
Better still, is there some other way to keep the bile moving in my liver?
My health is now pretty good, no IBS, low cholesterol, no food intolerances .


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