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Re: My 8 month battle; Help needed! by White Shark ..... Acne Forum

Date:   3/18/2014 11:57:10 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I agree with purplepixie,

fasting may have been the trigger.

When you fast, flow of bile through liver is minimal.
Bile flows when people consume fats or bitter foods. When fasting, bile flow is low.

Stagnant bile may have caused blockages on your intrahepatic bile ducts, impearing the liver and gallbladder function.
Once you start consuming fat again, there is not enough bile to digest it properely, causing all sorts of problems.
Bile is formed from cholesterol and from hormones.

When there is low bile flow, not enough cholesterol and not enough natural hormones are "washed out" from blood, causing acne, constipation, and may cause many different skin conditions + candida fungi in the gut.
It may also affect pancreas, causing pancreatitis or even diabetes.

And, all of it may have been triggered by a simple fast.

If I were you I would visit a pharmacy, get Epsom Salt, visit a grocery, get Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil and 2 grapefruits, and I would flush my liver .

I am not you, but I am actually flushing my liver tonight.

At 6pm and 8pm I am going to drink a glass of water with eposom salt. At 10pm a glass of oil with grapefruit juice.
Tomorrow at 6am and 8am a glass of water with eposom salt.

So simple, and so powerful.

There are far more comlicated recepies, but this one, the most simple one works for me as good as any.


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