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Re: really? are you serious? by Trudie33 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/10/2014 8:10:25 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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First I was getting pains in my stomach. I have a lot of stomach issues so I thought it was just that. A couple years ago I developed a really bad smell. Half garbage, half poo. It was completely embarrassing. People definitely noticed. I went to see my doc. She didn't smell anything but she believed me. She sent me for a breath test. I fasted overnight and drank a sugary liquid. I had to breath in a tube every 15 min. Test was supposed to last a few hours. I failed after one and was sent home. I had a bacterial overgrowth. They started be on an Antibiotic and the smell went away. Problem was it came back a few weeks later. Now we had to figure out why I kept getting the overgrowth. They set me up with a gastric emptying study. Again I went in on an empty stomach. I ate a sandwich and they x-rayed me every 15 min. Test lasted 4 hours. Food is supposed to be digested after 2 hours depending on what you ate. I still had 60%. So what's happening is that the food is sitting an actually fermenting. That what was causing the bacterial overgrowth and the smell. Now I am on a new diet. It's rough sometimes. I have to eat easily digestable food. No raw fruits or veggies because of their waxy coating. No steak. Intake a papaya enzyme to help break down food. Probiotics everyday to help with good bacteria to also help. I get pain, nausea, constipation but I am so lucky. I am in a support group and there are people who are a lot worse off than I am. There were a lot more details but I didn't want to bore you. I can elaborate or answer any questions. I hope this helps.

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