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Re: Success story I hope so by Ed71 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   2/1/2014 3:09:34 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Well since everyone is just giving out their personal cures..I will give mine. Whenever I sweat profusely I get the dreaded "swamp ass" if I didn't previously prepare for it. So basically, my problem is nothing but sweating too much. Since I'm a diabetic type II, Ive noticed that when my Sugar levels are too high (glucose levels)I tend to sweat profusely despite not doing too much physical exertion. And it sweats alot down there in the cracks and caverns. I have a theory that high glucose levels can sometimes be leached out thru sweat glands and (glucose=sugar....or sugar=glucose). I surmise that since diabetes is a dis-control of hormone to energy production sweating causes to happen more often than one without diabetes type 2. Any ways..this extra Sugar in sweat might be a food source for bacteria of fecal matter and of the lower intestine. (mind you...I'm only guessing here and cant back nothing up...its just all something I'm assuming)So over the years I have concentrated on two things...things that will stop sweating...and things that will control bacteria. But since bacteria happens all the time when you expel your waste...the only logical strategy is to control bacteria...but illuminate sweat. So to illuminate sweat took me years of study and reading and experimentation. The products of gold bond or anything with starch do not work for long. The product called "shower to shower" works ok for all Body Odor s cept it has a small amount of baking soda. "shower to shower" is rare in stores..but the dollar stores sell a clone copy of it..for only a buck.(its differently named in most "dollar stores" its either a pink bottle or a blue bottle) But even that doesn't last very long. I found some thread years ago about a guy using saline or salt enema. I just went and bought a dollar store disposable enema and made a salt solution boiled in water and cooled then sucked it up and did the nasty to get it into the lower rectum or lower intestine..(and I just washed it off and kept reusing it) This was the only way I could possibly clean out the lower tract of intestine. You put it in and then expel it out. The salt kills all bacteria in and out of that area. But later..that still didn't stop the sweating, neither did the "shower to shower" new method is to use "shower to shower" after showering and cleaning the area out...and then applying some of the "S&S" then applying a new material....weightlifting chalk. Better known as magnesium carbonate. This stuff will stop all sweating for a long period of time. Many people use it for rock climbing and many sports which require sweat to be quickly wicked away and to be totally dry. It keeps me dry for hours even when working out or doing work. However, I found a newer strategy...use baby wipes when you do number two. But since nobody wants to smell like a baby wipe...I now use a product called "Freshends" (just look it up online) it can only be ordered online (I'm not sure bout that though) and doesn't burn or smell like a baby wipe. It kills all bacteria and has natural stuff in it to help your skin down there. it looks like an alcohol wipe in a package but it isn't. Just keep a few in your pocket or wallet and when you start to smell or sweat..go to the bathroom and use one. Or just use one every time you take number 2. (you wipe with toilet paper..then use the "freshend" and or wipe with toilet paper again if desired)

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