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Re: What research shows that urine ph reflects blood ph by LoricaLady ..... Alkaline/Acid Debate Forum

Date:   1/30/2014 11:19:23 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Don't know much about ayurvdic medicine. I do respect another age old health system, namely Chinese Traditional Medicine (not necessarily wanting to get those needles in my body though) and they seem to have similar ideas.

I eat peanut butter for the protein, which combined with some grains makes them complete (or so they say, another controversy.)

Yes, I know even more "New Age", really Old Age rehashed, is coming up. From my research some think, for ex., we're all gonna see a fake "alien" invasion some day. We will be told they are our "gods from above" who genetically seeded us, and other nonsense. Actually a quick check on Vrill machines from Nazi Germany shows exactly where flying saucers come from and I believe those "aliens" are really just genetically modified chimeras.

The goal with the "elite" is always to deceive and attempt to enslave through various means.

But that's another topic.

Thanks again.

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