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Strong Symptoms of Congestion, But No Stones by Heavensky ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   1/28/2014 10:53:35 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone, I really need your help :)

I first realized I had a severely congested liver about a year ago when I lost 40 pounds, my skin turned a morbid, grayish color, my tongue became coated with a white paste and had pimples and grooves on the back of it, I lost quite a bit of bone and muscle mass and my pupils became dilated.

I read Andreas Moritz 's book and all the symptoms matched up to bile duct congestion, so went ahead with flushing and it has become fairly obvious ever since I started that this is at least a major contributing factor to my condition.

Through each flush, I clearly notice my symptoms changing as does my liver.

The problem I'm having now is over the past four flushes, I haven't yielded any decent sized stones, just lots of tiny pieces of debris (lime green in color).

Now, more than ever I have a very strong feeling of a blockage in the ducts, as my symptoms have spiked up very strong, as they usually do a few weeks after each flush when the next batch of stones move forward to be released. It's just odd, because over the past three or four flushes, those symptoms just aren't going away. Although during the night of the flush, I experience a rush of toxicity coming out along with little bits of debris, I'm not getting the major relief I always have experienced once purging decent sized stones from the ducts.

What I have been doing differently is use lemon juice during the preparation phase instead of apple juice .. What is the major differences between the two juices?

Also, if I didn't purge any large stones, is it safe to say I can try again sooner than the regular 3 week healing period?

My pupils are dilated, left one especially, my skin is pale white, I'm having major digestive difficulties, and my whole body is feeling frustrated,

Has anyone else had it where you felt major congestion, but the stones responsible for it didn't come out until several flushes afterwards?


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