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Success story I hope so by Smelly teen ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/23/2014 4:54:16 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I'm not going to give my whole life story, this post is already too long for that. However, what I will tell you, is that for the past year and a half, I've been suffering with a fecal odour emitting from my backside. At one point it was eggy, at another, it seemed like the odour was coming from my skin/sweat, and probably is, who knows. What I am sure about though, is that I've noticed a huge difference.. I'm not sure what it is.

I APOLOGISE FOR THIS LENGTHY READ BUT IT COULD HELP YOU, IT HELPED ME. Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and all round comments.

Today, my backside didn't smell like feces at all.. Not once. Except for when I went and sat on the leather chair, yeah that stinks like ass because of me :')
And I did something today that I haven't been able to do for a long time, feel complete. Feel happy about going ice skating this weekend and going to my friends house. I feel hope.

There are 1 of 3 things that led to (I pray) success today.

1.) I bought some athletes foot cream and started applying it to my backside three days ago, twice a day. After reading on a forum that it could be a yeast/fungal infection, I decided to try my luck.

2.) My diet + my exercise. I've been eating mainly fruit for the past couple of weeks. I've been eating like this for a while actually, every day for school I take only fruit. Apples, bananas, kiwi fruit, grapes. You name it. Along with fish and salad for dinner most nights, other nights, I'd have meat with salad. However, the meat was only eaten 3 times a week. That was my cap. Can't really get too picky with what I eat most nights due to my family not believing me. Although, my Mother did support me which I truly am grateful for. Exercise on the other hand, consisted of cardio (twenty minutes on the treadmill) to work up a good sweat and I would workout. Plus P.E and touch footy but right now I'm on holiday break so just the cardio and working out.

3.) The Colon Cleanse supplement I've been taking.. After putting up with the odour during school (Like I said, I'm on holiday break now) I was fed up with the comments, reactions and sniffles. I made a plan. I saved hard, and I saved long. A few months, and $500 later from feet massages and chores, I bought some stuff hoping that it would make me smell normal in time for school. This included a test kit, garlic supplements, a Colon Cleanse supplement (basically a powder laxative) something called a D-pad that eliminates odours (still haven't figured out how to use it) + probiotics. I ordered pretty much everything online, except for the probiotics.

I started taking the garlic capsules and the Colon Cleanse supplement as soon as I received them. The probiotics too of course, but I started taking those all the way back to about August. This is where it gets interesting..

The booklet that came with the colon cleanse supplement stated that you needed to take it once daily for a week. Frankly, I didn't know what I was in for. I was in for a treat.. An intensive treat.

Basically, all it does is make all your bowel movements liquid diarrhoea. First day I had a bowel movement about 3 times, second day was four, third day was three again. However, I did notice something so strange. This mess in the toilet that looked like mucus, and some real black stuff. This shit didn't look like shit :') That was yesterday, and today, I've had no smells from my posterior. The only one problem I had with the laxative is that I'm probably allergic :/ I've been itching like crazy as soon as I started it.

This is where I need your help. I'm unsure as to how I've been cured (praying to God)

Like I stated, I've been with the fruit diet for a while now which incorporates vegetables and salad for who knows how long and that didn't seem to effect it too much.. So I suppose we can rule that out. Although it is essential IF I do have gut problems that caused this smell. I should probably state that if I eat something like a sausage, I'll give off a weird sausage smell. That was a while ago however.. I'm pretty sure anxiety played a part in that too. Anxiety played a pretty big part in the odour. I feel that if I was anxious, I smelt more.

The cream that I've been applyingÖ Maybe? But I'm unsure as to what a yeast/fungal infection smells like? Does it have a fecal odour if it's in/around your anus?

It COULD have been the laxative that eliminated quite a lot of mess from my colon and insides.. Who knows..

All I know is that my backside didn't smell of feces at all today.. That is why I will continue with the diet, the cream and taking the laxatives (not as intense though, once a week otherwise I'll become dependant) Because I am unsure as to what made me not smell.

NOTE: I should probably say that the diet isn't the best. Since I'm not getting enough carbs (fruit just isn't enough) I'm giving off ammonia smells when I sweat and when I don't. Anyone help me with that?

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