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Re: first 7 day water fast, looking for someone to fast with. by Nolan ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   1/10/2014 5:41:40 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I'm on day 10 of a 49 day water fast. I did a 26 day Water Fast last year and the results were fantastic! Lost 60+ pounds and felt incredible, fitting in clothes I had not since high school.
That said, the process was so taxing! From the coated tongue, bad breather, lack of energy, and constant dreams of food. I began that fast on a two week vacation from work(Thank God!!!).
The first few days I had headaches. On day seven I literally had no energy. I slept the way I do only when sick(10+ hrs.).
I used mouthwash after brushing my teeth which I found to make my breathe fine for the short term, but the dry conditions aided in the accumulation of crude on my tongue. I had read regarding energy, the bigger you are the more energy you'd have, but that was not the case for me. Being overweight and tall. On one other good not, my knees felt great. No pressure, pain, or strain due to the extra weight.

On this second fast thus far it was been almost completely different. This time I am not on vacation and won't have one for at least two more months. therefore, I'll be working for the duration of my fast. My breathe is still bad, but not nearly as coated as the first time. I also am not using mouthwash this time. Luckily I'm not face to face to often with people. My work requires my to lift no more than 100 pounds. Yet, despite the lifting my energy this time is not bad. Had a slight headache the other day but nothing like the first fast. I have had the dreams. Dreaming of eating food and thinking I've ruined my fast only to wake and realize it was just a dream. The hunger pains leave rather quickly, but the mind is a different Sleep is very important. To feel not so rundown I have to sleep between 6-7hrs. One thing I neglected to mention is the emotional upheaval. During my first fast I was really short tempered ,impatient, and cranky. I too am and emotional eater. Without food those emotions were bubbling. It's a chance to address your issues if you are ready to face them. So far in this current fast I've been doing infinitely better emotionally. More stable.

Also, I found it to be true that having a plan after re-feeding is crucial. I didn't have one after my first fast and gained weight back. Yet, this time I have a personal plan of action in play. Eating and exercising plan. Changing your body is easy compared to changing your mind. Positive talk and clear vision as to what you want out of this and creating a plan that is right for you.

Everyone is different, but their are good and difficult things to contend with.

Hope that gives you a little bit of what you could possibly face. Good Luck on your journey!

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