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Date:   1/8/2014 10:33:20 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone,

In a previous post I explained how I use CDH to brush my teeth but I've been hearing lately that viruses and bacteria like to hideout in our nasal passages and in the back of our throat where we can't really reach with a toothbrush, so I thought I'd start a new routine for myself and share the idea here for everyone else in case you'd like to give it a try.

How Much CDH & Water to Use
-First of all, I start out by putting 2ml of CDH (made with 4% HCl) in 75ml of water

Nasal Passage Disinfection
-I have a little tiny plastic spoon and I put 10 drops of the above 75ml into it
-I then put the little spoon at the opening of one of my nostrils and sniff the liquid up into my nasal passages and repeat this with another 10 drops for the other side

Note: If one or both of my nostrils is stuffed up to the point of not being able to sniff the liquid up into the nasal area, I just tip my head back and pour the 10 drops in and try to sniff the best I can to help the liquid to get into the nasal passages.

Caution!: You may sneeze your head off if you try this - I kind of like it when it happens though ;) and think of it as a good thing. Of course it's a good idea to have some tissue paper handy to blow your nose with afterward.

After disinfecting my nostrils, I move on to disinfecting my fingers in preparation to floss my teeth (I just floss in the evenings before bed).

Disinfecting Fingers Before Flossing
-From the 75ml I then pour out about 5ml into the palm of my hand and wet both hands to sterilize my fingers before flossing and then I floss.

After Floss Rinse
-I then sip in about 10-15ml of the 75ml CDH solution and rinse the after flossing debris from my mouth and spit it out

Teeth, Gums & Tongue Brushing
-I then sip about 10 to 15ml into my mouth and then brush my lower teeth. Spit that out and sip another 10 -15ml to brush my uppers with.
-At the same time as brushing my teeth, I brush my gums and tongue

Tooth Brush Sterilization
-After brushing, I rinse off my toothbrush with running water and then dip it into the remaining 25ml or so of CDH solution to sterilize it and then put it away

Gargle and Final Mouth Rinse
-Then with the remain 25ml or so, I gargle and do a final swish around in my mouth and spit it out.

-While you're doing all of the above, take a few deep breaths to cause some of the CLO2, which will be gassing out of the liquid as it's warmed by your mouth, to go into your lungs and do it's work there

Again, I use CDH made with 4% HCl and the taste is very mild and much more user friendly than with citric acid .

Final Plain Water Rinse
-Lastly, I fill my mouth with plain water and swish it around and spit it out. I do that just in case there is any HCl that may still be active

Since I've been using HCl, I haven't noticed any coffee stains going away and take that as a good sign that the HCl isn't eating into the enamel of my teeth.

Note: 2ml contains 2 drops of pre-activated Miracle-Mineral-Supplement which is the amount that Jim Humble recommends in the daily mouth maintenance protocol in his book.

IF you have some sort of mouth problem, you can increase the amount of ml per Jim's protocol for that, which calls for 10 activated drops. However, since CDH is more fully activated then traditional Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , you would probably want to use less than 10ml - I would say more like 5 to 7ml to heal mouth problems.

Hope this helps you all to be well,

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