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Re: HELP!!! Frantic!!! Bugs I cannot see crawling across my face and all in my hair under the skin and pin prick bites. by beliefsmatter ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   11/4/2013 10:57:22 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Do you have bugs crawling all over/in your body? Have you been to doctor after doctor without relief? Doctors have suggested that you see a therapist because it is a mental problem. Maybe so, maybe not. I think there may be other explanations which I will not go into now. You have probably looked everywhere for an answer without results. This protocol may work for you, after all you’ve tried everything else.

All I ask in return is that you follow the protocol with a good honest effort and that you give me feedback at my email – I do ask that you keep good written records of your results and if you give me permission, I would like to include an anonymous annotation of your results in the paper I am writing.


This protocol is best done when you can be in a quiet setting where you are not likely to be interrupted. Turn off Cell Phone and other electronic devices.

Do Not do this protocol while you are driving or should be paying attention to what you are doing.

If you have a friend who can guide you through this exercise it will be more effective. Have your friend read through the protocol, several times, out loud, to familiarize themselves with the language. There are places where you need time to complete the task just described in the protocol and the person taking you through it needs to be observant and pause until you give them a signal that you are ready to proceed. This signal can be a head nod, a verbal O.K. or any other signal you have set up. Some people are afraid of infecting other people or of being reinfected by others coming into your environment. This protocol can be successfully done over the phone as long as the signals you have set up are verbal, or I have done it over Skype video.

If you would prefer, you can use a voice recorder and read the protocol in your own voice. For some people hearing something in their own voice works better than having someone else read it for them. For others it’s just the opposite.

If you use a recorder and play it for yourself place some space in the areas where you will be doing something in the visualization, so you can pause the recorder at the appropriate places.

I will use (nod your head) for the signal to continue in the protocol.

For some lucky people this procedure will work like a miracle with just one or two run throughs. ( Do you feel lucky.) For others you may need to do this protocol twice a day for about 4 to 7 days. I don’t know why this happens.

Please take notes.

1. If you are a spiritual person please ask for guidance, help and healing. If you are not a spiritual person ask for guidance, help and healing anyway. Do this now.


2. Allow some time for your body and mind to be comfortable and quiet. Feel yourself relax from the inside out. You may still feel some of the bugs crawling around but to the best of your ability quiet your mind.

Pause and continue when you are as relaxed as possible. (nod your head.)

3. Now imagine that you can see a large white board a few feet in front of you. When you have it nod your head.

4. Describe the white board. What color is the frame around the board? Does it have a tray? Are there markers in the tray, and an eraser? If not put some there.

5. Now imagine you can see yourself standing in front of the whiteboard facing the board. Describe in detail what you are wearing. What shoes are you wearing? How is your hair done?

6. Watch yourself draw a life-sized outline of your body on the board in green. (nod your head). Now pick up the black marker and begin putting in black dots inside the outline in all the places you feel or have felt the bugs in the past.

Pause until finished putting in dots. (nod your head).

7. Now watch yourself step back a little from the white board to notice if there are any spots that have been forgotten. If so she/he moves up and fills in more until it is complete. For some people the whole outline will be filled in.

Pause (nod your head).

8. See that you in front of the white board put the black marker in the tray and pick up the eraser. Have that you start at the right foot and begin to erase the black dots inside the green outline. Be sure not to erase the green outline. Just start with the right foot and move up to the ankle, then up to the knee. Now move over to the left foot and carefully erase up to the knee on the left leg. (nod your head).

9. Now move up to the arms and starting with the right hand erase up to the elbow. Then do the same for the left arm. (nod your head).

10. Erase the rest of the right leg, then the left leg. (nod your head).

11. Now finish the arms starting with the right arm then the left. (nod your head).

12. Now erase up the torso from the legs to the neck making sure not to erase any of the green outline. (nod your head).

13. Now inspect your work and make sure there is nothing left in the legs, arms or torso. Be very diligent in your inspection. You may have to dust off the eraser to make sure. (nod your head).

14. Start at the neck and carefully begin to erase up and into the head. When you have finished the head inspect your work again. Clean up everything inside the head area. (nod your head).

15. Now notice if there are any stray marks outside the green border. Look very carefully and clean up any stray marks outside.

16. Have that you in front of the white board do one last inspection and clean up anything that is left.

17. Now notice that that you in front of the white board turns around to face you. That she/he has a very satisfied look on his/her face. You hold out your arms to that other you and hug. You feel that other you, the you that cleaned up the board, melts into your own body bringing all the satisfaction and joy of a job well done.

18. Now notice the white board move back into the distance and out of sight as you begin to become more and more aware of your surroundings. Take a deep breath and look around reorienting yourself back in the here and now. Stand up and put your arms in the air and do a little dance to celebrate.

19. Now notice ANY changes and write them down. If you need to repeat this exercise you will simply set and relax and bring the white board back into view and repeat the process. If not, Great. Track your adventure in writing and send it to me at –

Please remember I need feedback from those for which this protocol doesn’t work well. Any feedback is deeply appreciated.

It’s been a long journey for you and I wish you a wonderful new life.

Ron Watkins


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