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Re: Why do starches make me hungry? w/candida by ray34iyf ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/24/2013 7:41:13 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Because I made the plunge into veganism, I've had to include Nutritional Yeast, regardless of whether or not I'm reactive to it.

Also, I'm holding onto the idea that the cause of my overgrowth is a filthy colon, so I am currently taking a colon cleanser (ABC Bulk Cleanse), ACV/cayenee in water (for digestion and the overgrowth), and eating 2 servings of sauerkraut a day.... I'm still getting out a lot of bowel pockets and plaque, and the ABC Cleanse has Premium blend psyllium seed husks, hibiscus flower, licorice root, pau d'arco, fenugreek seed and hyssop... so that should help shore up the intestines...

... it's real rough though.. Also dealing with benzo withdrawal/tolerance, adrenal fatigue I believe (which would be ALOT better w/o the candida) and other drugs...

... so we'll see where this goes.

..and you know what's funny? Say I'm suffering from a carb craving or any craving for that matter... take an antifungal and BOOM, goes away... plus, the blood Sugar is completely normal during these times...

... also, quick question.. have you ever gotten to the point of just complete obsession over what you can and can't eat? Some foods make me so tired right away when I start eating them, which is basically everything, and others make me feel fine, and others, rev me up... I can tell just by touching foods what is and isn't good... if it's bad, I'll literally start feeling weak on the spot when I'm holding it... not joking... must have something to do with muscle testing/kinesiology... soemthing in that realm.

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