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rare case of adrenal fatigue? by darkmoon13 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   10/13/2013 2:02:16 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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hi there! i am in a quandry and am currently seeing a naturopath to try to figure this all out. unfortunately her speciality is not AF so i am finding i know more about it than her :( (she knows about it, but because i have spent so much time online researching i tend to bring things up to her- rather than the other way around). i had a call with dr lam- who i think may be able to help me- but his manner in which he was trying to get me to sign up was very pushy and over the top. so for now i am just reading his book- rather than be bullied into signing up with him!

so here are my issues... i have AF and have been diagnosed in july 2013. in sept i ended up in the ER after taking 10 mg of DHEA in the morning (my doc proscribed). i also had had thai food with Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) and a fight with my hubby. i ended up with insomnia, anxiety and heart racing for 6 hours and at 3am went into the ER. they said it was the DHEA and to stop taking- but they did not comment on the fact that i had high blood Sugar (126) over 7-8 hours after i had eaten my dinner. the following week i had 4 more nights of insomnia/anxiety/heart racing and then i began to look into my blood sugar. sure enough i was having HYPERglycemia (not hypo). i was also having HYPOtension- low blood pressure- which may have been waking me in the night with an emergency response.

i got my saliva test and my cortisol is DEPRESSED in the morning. my understanding is the HYPERglycemia comes with HIGH cortisol- but i have LOW cortisol. i also have depressed SIGA, my DHEA looks to be normal but is on the low end. my insulin is DEPRESSED all day long- both fasting and non-fasting. my naturopath says this means something is going on with my pancreas. yet i do not have insulin resistance symptoms like craving sugar, gaining weight, high blood pressure (i have LOW blood pressure), etc... i came up as NOT allergic to gluten- so that is good.

i have made many lifestyle changes- from primarly vegetarian diet to eating meat at every meal. i eat every 2-3 hours, high protein, low carb. i must eat about 50 grams of carb total in the day. i go to bed at 9pm and wake at 7am- so i get 10 hours of sleep now. i am meditating every day, taking restorative yoga and working to address the stresses in my life. i am able to 'maintain' right now- but if i eat a dinner meal that has too much carb, too little protein, or if i get in fight with my hubby then that night i will either not be able to sleep or i will wake with anxiety, insomnia and heart racing. i also cannot eat many carbs right now- so my diet is super restricted.

to add to all of this- i cannot take any of the activating adaptogens. holy basil, gaia's adrenal support, DHEA and pregnenolone all gave me reactions which play out as insomina/anxiety/heart stuff at night. so right now i am just taking vitamins and minerals and steering clear of adaptogens and hormone supplements.

does anyone have any advice for me? i feel like i am a rare case- i have HYPERglycemia yet i have low cortisol. i have insulin resistance showing up on my saliva test- yet i do not have insulin resistance symptoms.

i am 99% sure i am not having diabetes issues (or pre-diabetes). until i developed AF i never had blood Sugar issues.

any and all advice would be appreciated!

thank you


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