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Date:   9/17/2013 5:54:24 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Fellow suffers,
As you may have read, in my case this is a mouse flea that covers its worm state self in hard debris, like rock hard. Many black specks are empty shells as this bugs build bigger shells. They are impossible to kill, unless you have a hammer and smash it. I have seen the black oval specks swim to the sides of a bowel full of bleach, and still not dead, they take a real long time to drown. I believe that the clothes moth and carpet beetle and humpback fly are also involved. As we all know in the chain of life one predator will bring another and another.
I will tell you that I know this is pure hell! WE ARE FGHTING a medical community that has us all boxed in as crazy, delusional. They have reports that we are communicating via the net supporting our delusional pysic. I have scars on my back, buttocks, upper inner thighs, hair loss, bad teeth, and more do to these bugs, not to mention Depression and anxiety and no money left! I need to sell stuff now for money, but motivation is hard to come by when you are this down. I did also lose a family member and my dog.
My house is a mess and only eat every few days because the black specks are all over, they multiply so fast and vacuuming is so hard on my herniated back. When I uses a magnifiging glass, there are so so many black specks that are air born that I cant eat. Watch, they eat toilet paper and paper towels too. Some paper has black specks in it from the manafacture, but if you check out paper that has no black specks, the next day or so, the paper is full of them just waiting for you to use it to get on you. They will cling onto you pubic hair and at night or early morning you will start to itch like crazy. If you cut a hair you will see a black speck glued on the hair that after a day of sitting in a cup of rubbing alchol will float off. Also if you soak your socks, they all come to the surface where the sock my be sticking out of the water. I threw out so many socks because I can not get the damn bugs out of them! I had many new pair or socks that were destroyed in the morning, all frayed and full of lint ball within hours, and I always wear slippers that are rubber so I wash them, all the time! This must be the clothes moths coming up out of the sheets or carpet beetles, I would have to use tweezers for hours after ironing and masking tape to pull them out. They are rolled up hiding in lint balls in your clothes. When I iron they come up out of the material hanging by a thin thread, hoping I do not see them and iron them dead. These bugs have been recorded since Romans ruled Europe. They are great survivors, do not let some quack doctor tell you other wise. IF we are all crazy then why is not some damn medical doctor or etmologist with a microscope staying for a week straight at at least two victums home to document this? The CDC was paid enough! Are we not Americans that our country would go to war for? Do we not value life? Are doctors so damn money hungry that they just do not care to get involved? They seem to fit in as many patients as they can to make a profit, fast diagnosis, give a pill and send you off to the next doctor to call you crazy for another hundred dollars! Yes, I am disgusted and synical.
Put the lint balls in a cup of soapy water and flush them, I hope they are dead then and do not come back up the toilet, so I put a squirt of rubbing alcolhol in the toilet. At least I think they are dead. I have to pick them off with tweezers and put them n a cup of soapy water or use masking tape to make sure they are not comming back again.
I will tell you to please go viral on the CDC. Something is very wrong over there! They look at a dirt ball that the bug has left to build a bigger one and tell us that it is just dirt. Well it is just dirt but did you check the chemicals that are holding the dirt in a ball? It is bug saliva that is as hard as a rock. You cant kill them, very difficult until they emerge as adults. And yes, every speck is not bug related, so do not let your imagination make you ill, get out of the house and do something to distract yourself.
Please help with a campaign to check out the CDC, not only for our sakes, but for the sake of the entire world! What if we have chemical warfare and the CDC cant even figure out what an insect is? Bugs carry all sorts of bacteria and virus, no wonder we suffer so! We are all doomed, if we do not get on the CDC! I need names and find out when the money has gone, something stinks bad over there at the CDC! Millions of dollars and who is rich? WE need a good investigator, someone must know a good journalist! Uncover the corruption at the CDC!
I will tell you what has helped me. All clutter must be removed. Heavy dusting and through vacuuming, remove carpets and rugs. I know this is difficult, but your sanity is worth it. Wash everything you can, especially every inch of the toilet. Wash in the tank, under the tank, where the toilet meets the floor and wall all over throughly. These damn bug are hanging around where water is and when you go to jump on you. They are in clothing, so you must iron everything just before wearing. The bugs will hatch if one is missed in bagged clean clothes.
I know you are depressed and do not feel like doing anything but to sleep and pray morning does not come if you can sleep at all. This will end so do not get crazy depressed and do anything stupid. Try to go for a walk if you can wearing what ever you can that is clean.
I care and pray for you. I care about you my friends and send out my love to all.
If you are desperate, get 91% rubbing alchol ( CVS ) and spray all over your room, especially under bed. Also use loads of powder on your bed mattress and sheets, clothes and hair. They hate powder especially Gold Bond Menthol, but any powder will do. I do not think they can move with powder on them, you can get some sleep. Also clean your feet very well, under toe nails prior to going to bed and powder your feet and socks. I tried everything to get them out of my hair, but some still are so glued in. If I take my brush and soak it in rubbing alcohol, black specks are on the bottom of the cup the next morning, so soak your brush or you reinfest yourself, also they stick to your pubic hair, so use loads of powder and wash well two to three times a day. I don't know about you, but if I do not wash this often, I get a skin chafting fast, this never happened before the bugs. They must spread some kind of fungus or other bacteria on the skin even if you wash with surgical scrub.
Try to clean one area a day throughly a day besides vacuuming daily. You will notice a difference with all the cleaning and powder and rubbing alcholol. The rubbing alholoh has no residual, so you must spray often, many times a day, not diluted. I also found that lemon spray works to keep them away. Lemons squeezed in spring water in a bucket to clean or spray bottle. Also I bought this citrus spray from a health food store that works great, but do not spray your hair or skin. I sprayed my scalp and it was on fire! It burned so bad, was ready to call 911! I had to stick my head under the sink of running cool water for a half an hour and my scalp and neck were beat red when I was done! DO not spray chemicals that are hard on yourself!
Borax does not work for me at all! All other cleaners I tried on the net did not work. Soap and water works, powder and lemon spray, vacuum and iron. Do not waste your money, in my opinion. Also I intend to go to the vet to see what he thinks of the samples. Vets know parasites! I will make some excuse up to see him or her.
By the way, I am flat broke due to these bugs. I really do not even have ten dollars left and no job now. I could not function at work always itching and worrying about giving it to other people I care about, I do not wish this on anyone.
All I have wrote is in my case only, you may not have the same thing. Please do not get angry if you are suffering with different symptoms, I am just trying to reach out and help someone else who may have what I have. I am not selling anything, nor do I ask for money even though I have to go to welfare from a middle class past. I worked hard since I was sixteen and now I am in my fifties and broke, due to bugs.
I just know that if you are suffering that someone out here in cyberspace, with really poor spelling, really does love and care about you. If you knocked on my door with this problem, I would gladly take you in and we could comfort each other as the best of friends. Please do not give up, this is just a strong wave that is hitting us and it will pass. Loads of people are far worse off and we need to pray for them too,
God Bless

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