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Re: to those suffering from "fecal body odor" - my story and cure by glasters ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   9/7/2013 11:02:31 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I'm sorry to hear about all your struggles. Congrats on finding your cure!
I started the diet a week ago. Will update on how it goes.

A few questions:

Even though you could not smell it, did you perceive a change in smell on the diet, or did you pronounce yourself cured based on peoples reactions? How did you confirm you were cured?

-pronounced change in people's reactions, digestive symptoms disappeared. The primary symptom for me was gas, and a constant full pressure. Quit the gluten, and the symptom disappeared within a week.

What kind of reactions did it elicit? Did people cough and clear their throats around you? Or did they mainly keep a distance, hold their nose, etc.

Do you think the odor came from your pores, or from leaky gas?


Did the diet fix your digestive symptoms? I have the same symptoms.


Are you sensitive to small changes in gluten, from cross-contamination?

I am sensitive, but not ultra sensitive. I have had instances when I was accidentally exposed to gluten (ingredients I didn't know about). The symptoms were much milder than they had been at my worst.

Is eating red meat or dairy a problem?

You'll find that once you eliminate gluten, your sensitivities to other foods will disappear or dramatically reduce. I thought my problem was lactose. I also tested positive for fructose intolerance. Now, I eat fruit and yogurt/cheese just fine. Drinking plain milk will still make me slightly gassy.

red meat was never a problem for me. I love steak.

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