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mh, please help! by #57770 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   8/2/2006 12:31:30 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I posted a few days ago about my son, and his eyes, and the sinus attack he had. (he also had this "mesh" covering his eyes which he's had for 2 yrs. now, he can see fine, excpet for the mesh which is a pain in the neck for him) but last Wed. he had such a bad sinus attack which came on him pretty quickly, and is just about NOW getting back to himself. It's taken 6 days! OK, I thought I'd add a little more info. here to see if anyone knows anything about some of this stuff.....

-he told me the other day that apparently had these "tadpoles" swim across his
field of vision .. that's how he describes it. He said that when he looks up
or down, he sees them. They "swim" across his eyes, like a tadpole does. They
are in the shape of a tadpole, oval...with some sort of a squiggly "tail", ok,
this is weird! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT IS? is that a parasite! there are
a number of them apparently!

- he also notices that this MESH has it's "good" days, and it's "bad" days, so
sometimes there is MORE mesh, and somedays, Less! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

-he still feels the sinus pressure in between the two eyebrows, but again, that
comes and goes. He feels a slight pressure still behind the eyes, but nothing
to really speak of. He's just worried that when he goes back to work, it'll
start up AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT again!

- see, I've done INTENSE research these past few days about every kind of eye
disease and wahtever...and it really doesn't seem like a detached retina, or
macular degeneration..he is quite adamant about the fact that it ISN'T a
"curtain" or "shadow" across his eyes, as he says to me "MOM, IT'S MESH, NOT
A CURTAIN OR SHADOW!!!" .. there is no "darkness" involved apparently.
although, he needs to be in either bright sunlight, or a very well lit room
for him to not notice the "mesh" stuff, if he's in a dimly lit room, it's very
much there. (although, some days are better then others)

He takes Benedryl when the pressure (behind the eyes, and other sinus cavaties
in the head) begin to sort of feel "pressurized", and it does respond. He is
taking SWEDISH BITTERS internally, and also with a compress on his eyes for an
hr. or so every night. Remarkably, the bitters have helped the larger "floaters" to disappear, but the MESH is still there.

I wondered if this were an allergic reaction too, We do have two cats and a dog, but we've had them a long long time! Naturally, there could be mold growing somewhere I suppose, but I keep a clean house as best as I can! I think BY NOW
we would have known if this was a detached retina or someting more serious. No, this just doesn't have the "feel" of that, it seems like something else.
It's funny, just last night, I got a thought in my head from OUT OF THE BLUE about
the Amish people (who I so admire), and I know that these people (like so many other ancient cultures that have existed before us) had cured SO MANY AILMENTS by
using herbs, and i FIRMLY BELIEVE that'll be the answer, I know it! Then, I started
really reading some of your posts here on your forum, and saw that you talk about
the Amish so much as, that's weird! OK, I was wondering if the "spice of life" that you mentioned, would help my son? Thank you so very much for reading this whole long thing...I;ve tried to include as much info. as I could...oh, he's 21 yrs. old, not overweight, but is kind of an unhappy guy unfortunatley,..which makes me sad, because we've always been so close to our kids, and hugged them and kissed them all the time,,,,and yet, he keeps so much in, I also beleive THAT will also have an effect on his eyes, and his body. Thank you once again for any help you can give us!!!!

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