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Re: Update: 1 year and 7 months by Ginagirl ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   7/14/2013 4:21:07 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Thank you Violien, for a thorough update.

Not much to add other than I have been through much of the same improvements, also challenges, like coldsores; almost never happen anymore. And if; gone in hours, few days.

I would be careful with so much selenium in yeast form; as it has a loong half life and may accumulate. Alternative for your brain is lithium. I have a little in chloride form.

Difficult to suggest a dosage, but you live in Europe, low selenium in soil. Maybe 400 mcg; have a look for Swanson vitamins selenium; in meth form, no additives except for rice flour.
and / or gold supplementation. This could help your knee too. Mesogold in Germany has a good colloidal, edible god leafs is an option.

Magnesium took a long time until I found one that worked; good tip about the taurate. Magnesium oil / chloride is an option / addition, I use one from the salt lakes, Utah; contains some lithium and boron too.
The combination of magnesium, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and borax is most effective, taken before bedtime.

About stomach acid; make sure your supplements dont contain calcium carbonate or calcium diphosphate. This will neutralize the stomach acid further. As soon as I found the right supplements, I could take them even without food. This was NOT an option before; I would get nausea, even vomit after supplements.
Adding zinc / copper might help the stomach acid to adjust itself; as low magnesium - low zinc goes hand in hand; due to.. low stomach acid ++. But dont combine the two in high doses; take them seperately.

"Two weeks ago I found out that these pains were caused by my mayonnaise! One of the posts on the forum alerted me to bad fats. After reading that post, I let all the fats I was eating pass through my mind. When the mayonnaise popped into my head, I couldn’t remember what kind of fat it was made of. I looked on the jar: rapeseed oil, which turned out to be canola oil. I read up on canola oil: not good. It causes inflammation, causes the thyroid to slow down, etc. At that moment I was in really bad pain from another bout of “the left side pain”. I stopped the mayonnaise (I ate a lot of the stuff) and during the following hours the pain got slowly less. After two more days it was completely gone. Aaaaaaaah! What a relieve! Canola oil robs you of vitamin E. Eating saturated fats lessens the effect of canola oil."

-this is IMPORTANT, the canola also have a bad effect on your eye sight. I quit it years ago, blurring / bad eye focusing disappeared within 6 weeks.


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