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This seems to help me... by #169829 ..... Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) Forum

Date:   6/27/2013 4:13:17 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I thought I might be able to help others by posting what helps me with my fecal odour issue. I have not been diagnosed with anything so far.... however I have just sent off a sample for TMAU testing. I have had several people over the past 6 years come up to me and tell me that I smell really terrible, so I know that it is not in my head.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and some of the remedies I suggest may interfere with other medications or medical conditions. Please do your research before taking them.

* I take a zinc supplement tablet everyday. I also take a digestive enzyme 1/2hr before eating, olive leaf extract in the early afternoon to help kill any bugs and a probiotic after dinner at night to help re-balance my gut flora.

* I take chlorophyll tablets.

* I aim to drink AT LEAST 2L of water per day (though sometimes I dont get there)

* I eat a fairly clean diet. Lots of veggies (except for those on the "NO" list for TMAU). It is good to have balance so I will eat eggs and fish on a Friday or Saturday night when I have the weekend off. You still have to ensure you get proper nutrition (deficiencies in certain minerals and vitamins can make you smell) - see a dietitian if you struggle.

* Exercise a lot- especially if I have a meeting the next day, I ensure the day before I drink plenty of water and get a good sweat up exercising the day before. This may not be enough to avoid the odour if you have been eating terribly/not exercising/ not drinking a lot of water the week before.

* Stressful situations is more likely to give me an odour- if it was a prolonged stressful event, I may even get the odour 1 week after the stress is gone. I am seeing a psychologist to help with anxiety and to talk about this odour issue.

And please talk to a trusted relative/partner/friend/colleague about it. I know its terrifying. My Mum could never smell anything, my partner hasnt smelt anything yet (but they are away a lot with work) and I just recently have told a close friend at work about this issue. They have reassured me on two occasions that I didnt smell when I thought I did.

Hope this helps :)

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