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Re: The Reactive Mind, Dianetics and Scientology by #46136 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/5/2013 5:08:59 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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You make some points i have been mulling over these past few years.

I was of the firm opinion for many years that there's a labyrinth of repression and without devoting ourselves to many hours of awareness-enhancing practices we would continue to accumulate the many traumatic events we witness and experience, until we're a drooling wreck by the time we're 60 in a dazed rocking pose due to the build-up of repressed trauma.

Yet like you say - we are animals - and the physiology of this machine we inhabit is primarily of survival. It would not be condusive to survival to enable this machine of ours (mind, body, soul, spirit, ether/essence) to become tangled for life in 'what has been'.
Like wild animals, after trauma, they shake...literally they shudder it 'out' of them. My dogs even do it after 'play fighting'. We as humans tend to cry, shout, or collapse and think about what we've just been through. One thing that's impossible to do is to ignore it completely. Our mind doesn't even if we physically and vocally do/say nothing.

It's easy to cast off many behavioural traits as 'repressed trauma' - there's a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to that one premise - yet i now truly question if it's possible at all for something to be truly repressed.

It's been in vogue for people to have therapists, Americans especially. I have a couple of friends out there who have spiralled down due to the belief they have so much 'inner junk supressed'...just because their therapist has told them they have. They were successful and doing well, now they're on antidepressants and feel they lack identity and inner strength to cope. The therapists have had years worth of revenue from them.

It made me wonder if it does more damage to the psyche to embrace the belief that their mind is not their has caverns of hidden trauma which are insiduously leaching it's illness to every part of their being, and unless it is all fully cleansed, they shall never feel whole.

Like i said, this stuff i'm mulling over and don't think it's easy to ever be sure of how we process anything.
Yet it does seem to do more damage than good for the awareness to hit a person that their mind 'has turned against them'. I'll reiterate that THAT belief has HUGE financial gains.

Animals with their wild instincts of survival face trauma, shake it off...and continue. They seem to really live in the moment, the 'Now'.


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