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Date:   6/5/2013 2:18:41 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I just recently realized that my understanding of all of this is similar to Freud's theory about the reactive mind and the foundation of dianetics and Scientology. I came to this understanding independently of these ideas so it just serves as further confirmation to me that this is the correct way of looking at this.

My spiritual practice has always been and will always be personal and independent so I have no desire to associate with Scientology. Also while our starting points are similar, I see many things differently especially treatment. Admittedly, my understanding of dianetics is limited and just consists of my reading of the wikipedia page, but to me it seems there solution of "auditing" is basically a form of exposure therapy and incomplete at best.

At the core of all of this is a philosophy question that has been around for ages regarding the relationship between the mind and the brain. Modern medicine and psychiatry see the brain as the foundation and the mind as a mental process derived from brain activity. They see humans as primarily physical beings and treat accordingly.

I see the mind, a non physical thing, as the starting point. Unprocessed stress and trauma gets imprinted on the mind as a tool for survival. It is a non physical process that manifests physically in the body when we are triggered (survival mechanism) or basically overflowing (illness). This is not some virus or something that we've gotten. All of this is a part of the human condition. That spectrum that I referred to consists of every single human being on the planet. It's just that we are farther to the right. We have accumulated more unprocessed stress and trauma and our minds can no longer repress it all as well. We are near or past the repression point. Almost all of this is genetically inherited through a process called epigenetics. Again, think in terms of survival. We are animals after all are we not?

I'm not expecting anyone to instantly change their minds. It takes time. Understanding the problem is essential to overcoming it.

I'm purposefully not active much on this forum anymore so I apologize for not answering questions or replying to responses.


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