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here is the thing..... by seedsower ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   4/15/2013 7:10:18 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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FIRST - I am no expert

SECOND - even the experts greatly disagree between IONIC and TRUE c. silver.......

here is a cool site that I thought was the answer:

but read the responses at the end:

here is another cool site that I thought was the answer FOR SURE: it has EXACTLY what you are looking for:

I thoroughly digested this and said WOW!!!! finally ALL the answers....

but many people have tried the mesosilver - (supposed to be the best...and expensive to boot) and have found better results with homemade types....

1. if it costs alot dont waste your money - much is placebo effect
2. there is so so much disagreement between experts

3. I am registered clinical therapist (who cares....) BUT I have studied research methodology and much of the research is lacking

4. start with a cheap product that viewers on this forum have recommended and go from there

5. MUCH MUCH real research points to fact that we need to change our diet - no Sugar / limited grains / no processed junk / lots of whole food and veggies / re-establish gut flora through pro-biotics and kefir

there is no easy way to get better - if you have a serious issue many people will sell you hope in a bottle - dont take easy way out - make major lifestyle changes - stick to the Candida Support Forum - it is so so helpful and this is where the answer lies

I am not ruling out c/ silve - BUT I am not falling for many of the false claims that seem backed up by big words and scientists looking to line their pockets

MANY people acheive best results with a cheap homemade kit - silver puppy for under $200.00

I have a serious issue - doc says no cure - very scary!!!!! so I am have every motive to find the truth BUT please be patient and dont fall for the BIG money products

I am not even sure if C. silver is way to go BUT so many people swear it helped so much BUT alot of these people GOT best results with cheaper products

it has to be trial and error as there are no clinical peer reviewed / double blind studies.....


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