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Crawling on scalp and hair loss! help!! by JOswald2010 ..... Demodex Mites Forum

Date:   3/14/2013 3:14:08 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello, I am writing to you today because I do not know what to do anymore! My whole problem started early october when I crashed my car and went under a lot of stress. I had to ride my street bike to school but didn't have a helmet so I went ahead and asked a friend, and he gave me one of his extra. Turns out that helmet had been sitting in the garage for a while and been used by at LEAST 4 other people. About two weeks went by and I started noticing my hair falling out in the shower, then it started turning into scalp pain and sensitivity as the week went by (my hair is pretty short). I started getting the feeling of something crawling on my scalp especially in the effected area of scalp (frontal left side)loosing hair and the rear of my head, it got worse at night time. I did feel crawling near my nose and eyelashes sometimes as well but it went away. My hair began to thin in only one certain area and there was pain associated in that area along with the crawling sensation and redness. So I began to research online and picked up some tea tree only, applied it with some olive oil and slept. Things were better the next day but then it would go back to the same feeling. I work in a warehouse setting and there is a lot of dirt, it seems that after work my whole scalp feels like it is crawling and on my days off it's better. I have been using a beanie to shield it when I am working but I can still feel something crawling underneath, I think it loves the heat! I used lavender oil in my shampoo as well as tea tree which helped a little.

One thing I did notice was I had a lot of dandruff the first time I cut my hair. I made an appt with the doc and he prescribed me Selsum Sulfide which did something for a day or two and then nothing after. So I went back and was prescribed ketoconazole 2% shampoo and that made things feel a whole lot better but the condition never stopped it. It would come back 2-3 hrs later. I went to a health store and picked up oregano oil (oral) and olive leaf extract and started taking it, these two made me feel a whole lot better! But AGAIN the feeling came back. The hair shedding has slowed down a lot but i'll still get a pimple in the area and itch associated with pain and crawling. Ill always get one pimple on my scalp and it will get a white head. Then that area will start to crawl and hurt, seems like it is moving to the other side of my scalp now because my hair is thinning there as well. ONE MORE THING i was studying for finals and pulled an all nigher, and the next day i didn't get any sleep at all, my scalp was going crazy in the area with hair loss, it was hurting so bad and this is when it moved to the other side of my scalp. Seems like my immune system took a fall and these things attacked. What could this be? My last hope was to think it was scabies because i've tryed to rule out what else it could be, so I went ahead and picked up clove oil and some fresh garlic from health food store. Made a past of garlic the first night and left it on all night. When I woke up in the morning I felt a lot better but symptoms came back, the second night I did garlic with clove oil and it calmed things down more but it burned! Last night I just put clove oil on with some coconut oil and my scalp feels better the crawling has subsided quite a bit but I still can feel something moving. Its been a week and it looks like the hair loss has gotten worse.. help!!

What can it be? I want to stop loosing my hair im only 20! I just want to continue my life again. Help please!"

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