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Castor Oil: The sure cure for all Chronic Lung Diseases by Alcross008 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/5/2013 12:16:49 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Thanks brother. I took the castor oil every morning on empty stomach for 2 months in a row. The castor oil has expelled so much awefully smelly thick green and orange mucus from my lungs, that the junk should have filled a 700ml bottle. There seems to be some more junk still in my lungs. I can smell the filth through my nose. I still take castor oil one in three days and still get plenty of stinking mucus coming out. But I have modified the way I take the oil and get bigger junks of mucus coming out. In the beginning I took the oil early morning at 5am and then emptied my bowels at around 7am. At around 12pm I had the stinking mucus come out in one lot. The I would have my breakfast. After two months of following the above routine, I One day got an idea. I did the above routine as usual (always on an empty stomach). Then at 12 pm after I emptied some mucus I took another 1 Tablespoon of castor oil. At around 2pm I emptied half of the castor oil I consumed at 12pm. Then I had my lunch. At around 8pm in the evening I ran to the toilet and chunks of dirty smelly mucus came out along with the rest of the castor oil I had consumed at 12pm. I got 3 to 4 times more mucus out my body than the original method I followed. But the sad part is, my anus gets quite sore doing the second method everyday. So I started do this once in 3 days. Follow the second method and get the junk out 3 to 4x faster. As for the people I came across: Everywhere I went people near me sniffed, covered their nose, coughed and spat because of the dead rat like smells they were getting. Most of them didnt know it was coming from me. I have suffered greatly because of all this. I have stayed at home most of the time and never talked much to my family members or anybody else. Anyways Ive found great relief through the grace of God who was always with me, helping me all along the way, and through castor oil which has done a truly miraculous thing in my life. As for the duration of treatment: Take the castor oil till you dont see any mucus coming out in your motions. Just continue the routine with a determined will to be free from your diseases. The duration of the treatment depends upon how much mucus there is in your lungs. After you are free from all pain in your lungs and are able to breath deeply, you can stop the treatment and just take the oil once every week on a saturday or sunday. Do this for a month or two or as long as you need. Anyways, after a lot of reasearch, and self experimenting with herbs and other medicines, I am sure that castor oil and only castor oil is capable of doing such a great job. Keep the faith in the Lord Jesus who will never let you down (if you could only trust him and hold on to him with all that you have). He was the one who led me to castor oil. No human being in this world undestood my suffering. No human being was able to deliver me from all of this. The lord, was the only one who understood my sufferings and came to rescue me. Just discipline yourself to do this castor oil job and you also will receive a miracle. The lord be with you. Amen.

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