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Re: My EC cured :) :) by #161354 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   12/27/2012 4:15:59 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hey guys!

@longterm I know what you mean.. I am not saying that EVERYONE who breaths through the mouth is going to have EC though. I'm saying that if you are prone to this condition, this definitly helps trigger it. At least it did for me. If you absolutely cannot breath through the nose, have you considered keeping your lips super moisturized during the day, and covering up during the night? If your patch of skin is small like mine was (only top lip in the mmiddle) you can apply cream in the center of a band aid and put it on during the night to protect it :) (I actually did this for 2 nights at the beginning but then realized I could keep my mouth closed myself) if it's bigger, you can use some sort of bandages :). I know that everyone is different, but in my experience, this is necessary. Because every progress you make during the day, gets sent back at night, after 8 hours of drying the lips! PLEASE consider it :) all I can say is that it helped me! :) I'm SURE it could help you too!

@Richard05 Well, lip balm NEVER prevented my skin from crusting/peeling every 3 days!!.. so I do not think this is disguising anything. Even if without lip balm, my skin would get dry, then damaged then potentially go back to an EC state, I still VERY much consider this cured.. Thank you for the advise, but I am definitly not going to try not using lip balm again, I am VERY happy right now :P and I don't mind using it! :)

@Healing2021 Sorry I am late answering this! But @soilwork is correct, the active ingredients are silver sulfadiazine, vitamin A and lidocaine.

@MikePylon Yes! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! I was given Vitamin A before and didn't help!! Even a Vitamine A cream with CORTISONE! I still have them, I'm posting pics below:

To me, it's the COMBO that does the magic (yes, I call it a magical cream :) :)). I think all 3 just work very well together. Like I said, I had visible results in under 2 weeks, and from day 1, I had no peeling (as long as you begin treatment by applying it for the first time RIGHT after a peel). Even though my lips were super pink and sensitive the first week, like I said. Also remember to never clean your lips to prevent generating any trauma (at least that is what I did).

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