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Desperate need for improved clearance by hotswap ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   11/1/2012 5:00:31 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I seem to be a touch more stable lately with a reduction in the symptoms of breathlessness, dizziness, faintness and jelly legs that almost landed me in ER, but they still come and go frequently.

I'm still getting practically no sleep, like literally 3 hours a night falling asleep at 6am and am pretty wired most of the time. Sleep aids do nothing.

My supplement clearance is terrible. Trying one 500mg B5 capsule gave me complete insomnia.

My body is throwing me the signals but I am completely cornered with regards to trying to navigate a path to health. I do feel I'm 'close' to addisons as I experience frequent urination, loss of appetite, insomnia, adrenal/kidney 'pain' however I don't have a tan, am not nauseous or vomiting and am not bedbound, but am fatigued.

I decided to raise carbs a little so I'm out of ketosis, as it's possible this was acting as a stress. Gut is not particularly enjoying trying to digest the starch and fruit but I feel I should stick with it. Digestive aids have had negligible effect.

And then there is my liver/gallbladder that is aching most of the time. I suspect this is where my supplement intolerance and chemical sensitivity comes from but you need some adrenal function and moving bowels to even attempt anything with the liver. So I'm stumped. My liver is not letting me tolerate the nutrients I need to boost the adrenals to detox the liver! Similar issue with the gut. Too unstable to tolerate parasite cleanses and the like.

I think an updated ASI might be helpful.

I could REALLY use an ally that has managed to get the gut, liver and adrenals working when they are all shot. I know that I wouldn't be able to tolerate any of the NB supplements, or Dr Lam's supplements, or the majority of supplements a naturopath would recommend.

As I have no doctor support or legal access to cortef, I'm considering using HC cream as a clutch to see how I feel. Has anyone tried this?

I probably sound like a broken record but I just need that experience in detoxifying the liver/gallbladder, healing the gut and the adrenals.

Many thanks


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