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- this is an Iodine forum, not distilled water by UserX ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/24/2012 8:43:44 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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"1 gallon in 7 hours." Fairly slow, an R.O. unit is much more convenient and requires no electricity.

"Most people have no idea there exists a MASSIVE effort to suppress the knowledge of Distilled Water." That's BS. Distilled is no different than good R.O water, and there's machines that dispense it all over the place and people drink it every day. There is not a distilled water conspiracy. - Booo!!

"Distilled Water is magnetically attracted to all waste, debris, and inorganic substances inside you, which are then ejected". - BS. Calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium are all inorganic metals. In fact, all metals and their ions are inorganic, by definition. If this statement were true then you're suggesting the body lets water "eject" its essential minerals ? You just wrote that water is magnetically attracted to all waste. Wow. What about hydrophobic waste ?

"There is zero position and/or zero use for inorganic minerals in humans." More BS. When you go to a hospital, they run a .9% NaCl IV drip into you. Its been known useful for a century. I could recall dozens of examples.

"Ask any mechanic what you should do when your car battery is weak. He or she will tell you to open up the little row of caps and to pour in DISTILLED WATER. Why? Because it is the ONLY water which is a 100% PURE BATH OF NEGATIVELY CHARGED MOLECULES." OMG, hopeless - you've gone off the deep end again. Why don't you take this crap over to some other forum where it belongs and don't pollute the iodine forum with such nonsense ?    Who would ask a friggin mechanic a chemistry question in the first place ? Moreover, water is not a 100% pure bath of negatively charged molecules. I'm afraid the fact that you've posted such idiotic nonsense means that everything you ever write will be suspect going forward. Since I sometimes write short science fiction stories, can you share what is the structure and molecular weight of these fictitious negatively charged molecules you've hallucinated ?

"When you pour in the negatively charged distilled water it returns the battery to an ALKALINE, powerful, ready-to-go state."   Sorry, battery acid is known to even wal-mart employees who can read a box that batteries contain acid, not alkali, and acidity is the opposite of alkalinity, which means you could not be more wrong, or wronger if you tried.  I suggest you refrain from posting for a while, take a break, avoid the internet. Better yet, consider taking a high school level chemistry course at a local community college, I bet you would enjoy it.   Tootles....



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