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Date:   10/13/2012 9:36:20 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I'm sorry you are suffering so much. Sounds like you have tried a lot of things and gotten little relief. Seemingly, this is a journey which is rarely a linear healing path. My story is rather similar so I know how hopeless it all can seem: particularly when you try things only to become sicker. Just don't give up.....keeping working the problem.

I worry about using CS more than 10 days in a row. Can't explain why you are having the issues you are having but, it seems like there would be some benefit to using GOOD probiotics - threelac is hype, it only contains three strains and there are much better ones out there to help build flora. Chickory coffee isn't the best prebiotic out there.....You might consider trying a cranberry extract to help with the penile infection which is probably yeast not bacteria. Though, I have communicated with someone whose prostrate infection required antibiotics to cure, which is better than not taking them when necessary. Yes, it sets back candida but, it's better than the body dealing with two infections.

Without going into too much detail here: Suggest a GOOD COMPREHENSIVE candida protocol - has a forum (which is down today for some reason otherwise I would post the link to the forum's protocol). It covers just about everything a good protocol SHOULD contain: if you prinit it out it comes to a half inch stack of paper. It's forum is also a good place to share with other sufferers like here: expanding your reach and research. One single thing isn't probably enough to really change your situation. You don't talk about trying antifungals like garlic (allicin), ACV, ev coconut oil, cinnamon, GSE, etc....  If I had dulfican I would probably try it since it can help with candida within the GI tract but, it doesn't do much about candida throughout the body from what I've read. You are correct in antifungals being harsh on the liver which needs support since it's already overwhelmed trying to rid the body of all the mycotoxins from candida. Coconut oil is one of the better antifungals and has so many benefits it seems like a cornerstone to many people treatments: though there are some here who are against oils of any kind. It's a personal decision you need to make for yourself.

Nutrition is a key. Many have issues with a severely restricted diet thus, why supplements are required. Bone Broths will help get many easy to digest nutrients into you and help with those issues. Juicing over eating veggies might help as well. How can the body heal without fuel? I would rather eat things which aren't healing than starve but, people will probably jump on me for that perspective.

Also, you might want to get some diagnostics ran to see precisely where things stand. The candida blood test is the most accurate in determining what's going on withIN the body, not just the GI tract. Also, there is a HUGE connection between endocrine dysfunction and candida being a symptom of such. Suggest as a good place to start understanding how adrenal/thyroid function is connected to candida. Almost every case of candida has some level of endocrine dysfunction associated with it. Thus, you might consider thyroid tests - TSH, T3, T4, RT3 & RT4 (these aren't cheap).  Low iron is particularly common with candida along with low trace minerals like iodine and vits: particularly the B-complex you state you had to discontinue which seems wrong since flora synthesize many b-vits and most candida sufferers are b-vit lacking.

Personally, I worry about taking single vits due to throwing vits/mins further out of balance so I use a HIGH QUALITY multi which is balanced and then push up certain co-factor vits/mins from there so at least there is better balance than winging it on my own without knowing enough to keep things in balance. This is why there is so much talk here about Nurtitional Balancing being a key to healing - it's not just nutrition but, balanced nutrition. I'm working on this myself presently and just got a nutritional panel blood test to help identify issues to concentrate upon.

Yes, yogurt is acidic which all probiotics are: they contain bacteria which create acids and candida doesn't like an acidic Gi tract. However, meat digestion creates alkalizing ammonia gas. Candida also creates alkalizing ammonia gas to make the environment more hospitiable to it. The double whammy really did a number on me which took months to calm down. It taxes an already stressed liver with trying to get rid of the ammonia, etc... All sorts of panful bloating and what have you - gas like never experienced before. I know pH is counter intuitive since something with acids like lemon water is actually alkalizing to the body. Yet, it is a part of the healing journey that confuses the heck out of me. Interesting you speak of gastritis. Humph, from what I've read candida patients tend to have low stomach acid and this acid helps keep candida under control. HCL is used widely to help digestion for low stomach acid situations but, I get gastritis when using it so I suspect my stomach acids are not low. dunno.....

How to correct this all is the million dollar question. It's going to take time as none of these systems are quick healers. You didn't get this way over night nor, is there a quick fix. Don't lose hope. There have been several posters who have felt as hopeless and received healing in time: though lots of effort.

I worry about giving too much advice as I might be wrong. Everyone's situation is different even if we have similar issues. It's going to take time to do your research and keep seeking answers. This is an enigma to unravel and I wish you nothing but, healing graces as you try to piece together your own puzzle.




I wish there was an easy answer but, there isn't.




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