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Re: NB diet and leaky gut- Grains? o_O by cappy84 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   9/27/2012 7:18:14 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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i dont think we should follow any of these "diets"......paleo, candida, GAPS, etc. what i do think we (and everyone no matter what your health condition) is eat whole foods......more vegetables than meats/grains. when i went super restrictive with diet i felt horrible and reached my worst state a few months ago. now im trying to slowly heal and have been feeling a bit better despite not being restrictive. its not candida thats the issue its parasites, thyroid, lack of gut flora, impaired bile flow.

just now i had a lentil curry with butternut squash, carrots, and cauliflower. are the egg and coconut oil downers gonna tell me thats bad?

i have read about how bad grains are and that they arent for humans because we cant digest them. soaking helps and i always try to soak my grains. its weird that you have problems with brown rice and amaranth, i dont have a problem with them. Andreas Moritz did mention that my dosha type tolerates grains well. were you always skinny or was it just your illness that caused it? i have always been skinny and am tall. maybe i should cut grains completely but i dont think thats gonna heal me.

are there a lot of GMOs where you are? correct me if im wrong but i believe you're in europe where they actually have some strict Genetically-Modified-Organisms labeling laws whereas in the united states there are NONE (good ole monsanto lobbying the govt...oh wait, they ARE the govt!). when you go to the store you dont know what you are buying now.....even when you think you're eating healthy by choosing vegetables. im not even sure how much i trust the organic labeling either. i started growing some of my own food but am limited at how much i can grow.

you can look at the rise in all these new "diseases" out there and only conclude one thing. look at the rapid rise of autism, now 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism. immune disorders, allergies, diabetes, cancer. you got little kids with NAFLD now and people getting diabetes at 30. i personally noticed more and more allergies several years ago. GMOs first started coming on the scene in 1996.

this is all DELIBERATE. look at agenda 21 and eugenics. theres a great video of bill gates talking about world population and if we "do a really good job with vaccines we can lower that number". people still rush to get their flu shots though.

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