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Re: Anyone actually been diagnosed with Trichinellosis by blonde100 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/6/2012 8:22:42 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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My family also thought I had a cleaning issue as I was feling things jumping and stinging everywhere I moved in the house the car outside it was about three years ago now and yes I was probably obsessed with it but it was freaky and I of course thought of flies or lice I did spray multiple times over the course of a year and then I became supper sensitive to any chemical smell or item. I do regret wasting time being so unknowledgable re parasites. I finally realized it was in my on me and there was a pattern to the cycle. I never actually saw a worm till perhaps a year later lots of fungus in my stool hence the candida cleanses. But then once I started to projectile vomit regularily especially in the am and felt better afterwards I started to look at stuff - no food just shapes always the same different stages of development. I was hoping at the time I was imagining such horror. I did ask the gp if it was possible to have bugs in your nose in your throat no he said but did not care that I kept on going back and getting pres after pres for strep or staph A in my ear nose throat bronchial infections. I admit I was embarrassed and not dogged enough as well as terrified. My family suggested strongly I see a physcologist but in my gut pardon the pun I knew I could feel something. Once I started to vomit or blow out 4 inch blood filled tapes and hooks my fear factor went up but my determination did increase. I went to every walkin and gp in my area trying to get an answer thus the crazy lablel. That was two years ago and I have lost a lot of embarrassment. I am open when I need to be re info with people as I still travel and guess what in the tropics everyone usually deworms twice a year and are pretty cool with knowing that you are not wanting damage their health and make extra concessions for me and themselves.Make sure your cats are clean and healthy as even fleas can transfer certain parasites.Do not stop until you have some sort of diagnosis positive or negative that seems right to you. I knew my body very well I was exceptionally healthy and active and am still shocked at what has occurred to it.

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