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Bartholin Cyst Wont Respond To Treatment by #157346 ..... Bartholinís Gland Abscess

Date:   8/25/2012 2:29:54 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I am 21 years old and Thursday morning I was showering when I noticed the small pea-sized lump. After a small panic attack and googling it, I knew I had a bartholin cyst. It is right near my vaginal opening on my right side.
I immediately began Epsom Salt baths and have been applying a heating pad almost non-stop. I started reading on the internet for other remedies. I read about witch hazel (in combination with calamine and tea tree oil). I only had the witch hazel, so I began holding a cotton ball directly on the cyst for about 30 minutes followed by the heating pad. I did this about all day along with epsom soaks. The cyst still remains the same small pea size. The next day I began soaking it with a hot compress and then a calamine and witch hazel mixture directly on the site. This was also followed by a heating pad. Finally, later in the day I got used a friends tea tree oil. I put it on a cotton ball and held it directly on the cyst for a few minutes. Later I did another epsom soak and held the heating pad on there all night. Before I went to bed I held the heating pad on there for about an hour and then put a dab of neopsorin on the cyst.
Today, Saturday, I woke up and the cyst is still there and the same size. It's like it will not shrink/grow. I think I have noticed it shrinks just a tiny bit, but nothing super noticeable. I have tried gently squeezing the area to see if it is ready to drain, but no luck. The cyst is usually soft and squishy (especially after I have had the heating pad on there), but once I start touching.squeezing it, it becomes harder. I am thinking of getting more tea tree oil today (I have had a hard time finding it in the store). Any other advice on how to get this to shrink/drain because it just seems to be staying the same size!
Also, I take Vyvanse, b6 and b12 and an occasional prenatal vitamin every few days (although not pregnant). Do you think any of these are contributing to the cyst (making better/worse)? I am also on birth control (Lo LoEstrin), I had just finished the pack (was on the first white progesterone pills after the blue estrogen ones) when this thing popped up. Will it possibly go away once I begin a new pack or be related? Lo LoEstrin also causes me to have cystic Acne on my face.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! I am about to start school this week and want to fix this cyst before it had a chance to balloon up and interfere with school. Thanks in advance!

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