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Update: 9wks post Mirena- Psoriasis almost GONE by Jarofdirt ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   8/20/2012 5:45:04 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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This is my 2nd post here. I had my Mirena removed the 1st week of June. My entire story is in the 1st post, I've had too many side effects to count but Psoriasis was one that I felt for certain Mirena brought on. I was so anxious to see if my Psoriasis would start to get better (go away) after having Mirena 5yrs. I never, ever had Psoriasis it ANY skins issues pre-Mirena, it just popped up in 2009. Since 2009 psoriasis has basically, along with other strange health issues, ruled my life as I tried "fixing" it. The very 1st patch of psoriasis appear on my left ankle & that patch has NEVER improved, it only got bigger & worse, never went away. This stuff has broken out on me in random spots all over since 2009 & last winter it got uglier & along with the patches I already had it broke out in hundreds of little specks, head-toe.

Long story short, within the 1st week of having Mirena removed I could already see improvement, it started disappearing.

Now nearly 2 1/2 months later its almost 100% gone. The patch that 1stI appeared was one of the 1st to completely go away, that assured me then that Mirena was the culprit. I dont know what in the Mirena exactly ( have ideas) but I KNOW Mirena set it off.

I'm still struggling with many things since removal, physically & mentally, but things are looking up considering the short amount of time I've been Mirena free. I know things will go up and down but just waking up knowing my skin is getting better has been putting an extra kick in my step! I hope one day soon this IUD and its severe side effects are brought to light for everyone and they finally ban the thing. I decided against using any pills or iuds as birth control. I'd much rather use condoms and other (safer) forms of BC than continue fueling that nightmare.

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